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Changing Behavior

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My cat Suger I think shes pregnant and she does'ent want to be held lately she use to like to be held so my question is could her behavior be changing because she is pregnant.She's been pregnant before but I didn't notice a difference in her behavior:confused3

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Actually a socialized pregnant cat gets more dependant. If it continues there may be something wrong with her or bothering her. If we are not talking about a pure breed cat in a cattery then she really should be spayed ASAP.
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I am always very sensitive to behavioral changes in my cats. It often means that they are in some kind of physical or emotional discomfort or stress. I first check out all the obvious things, like any unusual events that may have upset them, any part of their body that seems to be hurting, a temperature, checking to make sure they haven't torn a claw, the condition of their mouth -- cats often have mouth trouble, and just like humans, they hurt there, and they can have gingivitus, or even a broken tooth. You can also see from the color of the gums if the cat is anemic. Many times a virus will make their gums pale, and anemia as such will make them very pale to almost white. Also check for ticks, fleas, ar mites or worms -- all of which can make the cat feel like life is a bummer.

You can do this before you go to the vet. If the behavioral problems persist and there is nothing obvious, the vet should do a more serious screening (blood, urine, etc.). It is possible that there is some kind of problem with her reproductive organs. A viral infection. Blood parasites.

But why are you letting her have kittens? It would be so much better for you and for her health if you had her spayed.

I hope you find he problem. Sometimes these things pass. Of my three cats who developed bad tempers for a time, one had renal blockage from crystals in his urine, one had massive hairballs, and the other went off for a week and came back thinner and in good temper. So there can be a lot of reasons, and the vet is the person who can be most helpful.

Good luck--
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