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The jerk fired me yesterday!

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On one hand I am glad,on the other I am mad!!I really don't know what happened,Friday was my day off ,but I got called in becauce of the power outish, we got slammed ,(we had power.)and did't have time to do any landury,which he said not to worry about as we had a 3-11 women come in,anyway I didn't do any because I had to go buy stuff for the morning, (I buy the food for the morning ),I worked for 6 hours and then went to the store.anyway Saturday I went to work and about 12'00 he called and told me I was fired for not doing any sheets the day before!The 3-11 women bitched because there was 4 loads she had to do!Now I am really sueing him for the overtime pay and the name calling,I allready have a attorney,who is sure I have a case,and I am going to report him to the labor board and the Best Western home office.And to top it off Ted got laid off Friday !!And christmas is just around the corner,6 grandchildern who do not understand ,no jod no money.I just cannot win!!! thanks for letting me vent again!
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OMG I am so sorry! That guy sounds like a real jerk and some other words that are not allowed on this site. I really hope you can railroad him with the attorneys. You have MAJOR positive thoughts coming from me Sherral.
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I'm so sorry Sherral!
((((((((((((((((((((HUGS to You)))))))))))))))))))))))
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Oh gosh what an a$$hole!!! Glad you're taking action on this to get this guy what he deserves. Also sending *Major Vibes* to you and Ted.
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Thanks everyone,I will keep you up to date.
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That's terrible! I am so sorry. I read the other posts you made about this job but I couldn't respond for fear I might say things not proper for this site. But I hope that no good ex boss gets what he deserves and more. Here's my share of positive vibes!
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OMG Sherral!! That is outrageous!! I'm glad you have an attorney on the case. If anyone in this country deserves to be sued - HE DOES!!!

Major good vibes to you and Ted. I hope you both land GOOD jobs very soon!
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Man that is really awful I hope that you and your lawyer can shut him down, that would be poet justice. Sorry this has happened right here so close to Christmas. I will pray that things get better for you and Ted.

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Sherral, it's probably for the best. He was an a$$ and didn't deserve to have you as an employee. You'll probably find something better.
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Sherral, I'm so sorry you and Ted are going through such a difficult time!!! I hope everything gets a lot better soon! Major thoughts and prayers are on the way for both of you!
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Sherral, have you thought about Unemployement checks? I'm not sure how long you've worked there, so it may not be available for you. I was told that if you were fired, you can draw unemployment right away. So, you might want to look into that.
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I'm so sorry this has happened to you, Sherral. Good thoughts and prayers your way...

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I'm sorry you lost your job. And I totally understand about Christmas being around the corner. I've resigned myself to the fact that there is not going to be Christmas gifts. The only part that bothers me is my grandsons.

I hope you can get that bas&%$#! You're probably better off in the long run. I can't believe he fired you for one thing you couldn't get to on a day you came in on your day off. Sheesh! JERK!!
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I am so sorry, I hate folks in positions of authority who like to jerk folks around. You were never going to be right with this guy and I'm glad from all I've read, that you are going to hold him accountable. I honestly think you are going to find a better job or at least a better boss. I'm sorry your husband has also just gotten laid off, and will say a prayer for both of you, that much better things will be happening soon.
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Oh Sherral I'm so sorry. I agree with the others sentiments. He's a jerk with a capital J!

Please keep us updated on how thing are going.
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OMG Sherral I'm so sorry!

Sending you lots of hugs, warm fuzzies and of course major vibes that both you and Ted will find new jobs.
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I am going to apply for unemployemt tommorrow.I tried today ,but I worked 5 days this week,so I can't do it intill then.
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{{{{{{{{{{Sherral}}}}}}}}}}} good luck applying. Also good luck suing the heck out of this jerk!!!!!
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Sherral, I just had an idea. I know you've done housekeeping, maybe you could work for yourself by cleaning other people's houses. I have known several people in my area who have done this, they have been happy with the work and said that the pay was good. And the best part would &%$#!!?&%%* boss!!!
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I think Lorie's idea is great! I used to clean houses with a friend once in a while (just to spend time with my friend, who went into business for herself) and my friend had clientele with gorgeous homes, and back when I did this, she was able to pay me $10 an hour, the amt. didn't matter since I was working full time then as an RN, but for the time, that certainly wasn't a bad rate. I would imagine one could get more than that these days.

I do remember she was bonded, I don't recall how she found her clientele, though it grew in part by word of mouth.

best wishes,
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I'm sorry Sherral I will pray and send good vibes to you and your hubby. I am glad you are taking a stand against this guy. Maybe he will learn that you can NOT treat your employees like dogs!!!
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Hi sherral46,

Sounds like you have a very good case for wrongful termination. I don't know if Best Western is a chain or a franchise, but either way, maintaining a good public image should be a priority for such a high profile corporation. They've spent too much money on advertising to have it go to waste by allowing people to associate their name with employee abuse. Additionally, as a chain/franchise, Best Western may have requirements covering management practices - which the motel owner may have violated.

Best of luck to you in your case and in securing future income opportunities,
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