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When will he be done growing?

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Zero's six months old and getting pretty big. Is he done growing yet? When will he be? Around a year? And can I estimate how big he'll get by how big he is now?
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Cats generally quit growing about a year old, unless they are big cats in which case they can grow for a while longer. Of course some cats continue to grow in weight for a while, but that is probably diet issues.

My Scarlett never grew past about 10 months and is a tiny 7-1/2 pounds at 2 years old. Stumpy and Pinky are big boys and kept growing until they were about 1-1/2 years. Stumpy has been a stable 13-14 pounds for the last 7 years and Pinky topped out at 18 but I've dropped him down to 15 thru diet and exercise.

How big is your boy now, and do you know anything at all about his parentage? I find that if they are very big at 6 months, they will be bigger as an adult. Paw size sometimes is an indicator, but not always.
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I'm going to take him into the vet soon, I'll have them weigh him.
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After about 1 year, they stop growing in size, but may grow in weight after that.
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It also depends on the breed, or cross-breed if you have a DSH or DLH. Some breeds like Maine Coons and Persians keep growing up to 18 months.
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Zoey grew A LOT from when I got her at 11months till now, a year and a half. She gained 3lbs and really filled out. I am wondering if she's done yet.. lol.
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Our Pixe Bobs take well over a year too. Our male keeps growing and growing. He is at 21 pounds so far.
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I guess you would call them brown spotted tabbies, but they have some characteristics of pixie-bobs/Mau cats. Lucy has those lynx tipped large ears, a small, triangular shaped face, and has a rather long body with vertical and horizontal spotting and tiger stripes. Her tail appears more banded and fuller than Cindy's. Cindy's face is rounder and fuller than Lucy's and she has larger, rounder eyes.

Cindy and Lucy were spayed several days ago. I still feel depressed and guilty about depriving them of their motherhood/womanhood and lack of offspring for the gene pool.

All went well and the vet was nice enough to trim their claws during the procedure. Cindy is two pounds heavier than Lucy, who is more slender. The kittens keep licking their incisions, so I am continuously spraying bitter apple to them.

I feel really down about spaying them, whether justified or not.
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Don;t feel down or guilty about spaying them, it is the right thing to do. They will be much happier and their will be no more extra kittens to find homes for. A female that goes into heat, is not always fun to be around. They make a lot of noise.
As for Cindy and Lucy being Pixie Bobs, it is hard to say. Where did you get them? Pixie Bobs do have some of the classic brown spotted tabby markings, but they also have spotted bellies and the boning structure is much larger. The Pixie also has a natural short tail,like a Bobcat, but some do come out with the long tail. The tail should not hang lower than the hocks on the back feet. For more info on what the breed should look like, this is the web site to Carol Brewer, the Pixie Bob breed founder. http://www.pixie-bob.org/all.htm
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BTW guys, I weighed him on my scale that probably isn't too accurate, but it says he's about 7-8 lbs already! I will update after they weigh him at the vet!
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My Leo grew for nearly 2 years, to a whopping 22 lbs. I never measured his length, but when he stood beside me, his back was level with my knees. It is a good thing his was a sweet and mellow boy, or he could have done some real damage.
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My Chewy is 7 months old and he is already a BIG boy. I hope he stops soon. I keep wondering if I should do something about feeding him weight maint vs kitten food. I haven't taken him to weigh but I know he has to be around 10 pounds.
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