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I got scruffed!

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I had a sore muscle in my neck and shoulder, so a few nights ago, I rubbed Ben-Gay on it and went to bed. Pearl came up on the bed like she often does, then started acting strangely. She stretched out behind me, wrapped her paws around my neck, and began grooming my head. Then she kneaded my neck and shoulder. When I tried to change position, she scruffed me. She didn't quite sink her teeth into my neck, but she was not letting me get up. She held my neck with her paws, and began grooming the back of my head again. I tried to move several times, and got scruffed every time. She finally went to sleep with the neck of my t-shirt between her teeth. I had to give her my shirt to get up. She snuggled and rolled around with it, finally dragging it off to one of her little hidey holes, under my nightstand. That was pretty odd, even for her.
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It's the Ben Gay. Tailer goes wild with that stuff too. Some cats react to anything menthol.
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LOL! Menthol is like catnip as well!

Just as well I use those therma-care thingies that you can stick on your neck - and leave for 8 hours! I have been having sore muscles around my neck as well, not a pinched nerve as thought and all Peedoodle wants to do is snuggle near my neck as it is so warm and the nights have been cold. At least I get some extra warmth.
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I've read somewhere before that cats trip out on Bengay!! That is so funny!
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Vicks stuff too! The medicated rub you use for colds on your chest/back.
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My cats must be different if your cats behave that way with menthol. My kitties smell the stuff and start blinking their eyes for a long time then run away. They definitely don't like it.
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Out of about 15 cats I've had over the years, only Tailer has done that.
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LMAO!!That's so cute.
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is that ok for them eat? I can see amber squinty her eyes and running from the stuff!
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