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Alley Cat Allies November Clinic.

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Today we had 113 cats altered at the clinic. We had a really good group of vets and a lot of volunteers. No pregnant cats and only a handful were lactating.

Can't wait for December.

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That is so esciting!

I did not realize that you continued the TNRing in the winter. Isn't that hard on the females?
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Good Job!

Does TNR have any impact on the amount of cats that are euthanized in shelters every year?

Their are a lot of people in my area that do TNR, but last week I saw a women from the Southern Marylnd Animal Shelter on TV and she said that the amount of unwanted pets their shelter receives has increase about 1,000 every year. Last year they had 13,000 and so far his year they had 13,800. She said one month alone they received 400 kittens.

Humans are so damn ignorant.
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First of all...lotsocats...although it is not is needed. The caretakers obviously need to be more careful, staying with the traps the entire time and bring them in IMMEDIATELY once they are trapped.

Ellie...TNR does work..but you have to trap and fix 70% of the population to see a decline. Part of the issue is that as much as we are working on TNR...there are people who are dumping their unfixed cats, thus adding to the problem. As a population grows, so does the possibility of more cats ending up in shelters. Also..this year we had a very LARGE kitten season and there is now an abundance of cats/kittens. I think that TNR does make a difference...but just as it took years for us to get to this will take years to get the population stabilized. For now...we are VERY lucky that there are people who are willing to do TNR..because just IMAGINE how many MORE cats would end up in the shelter if those cats weren't fixed.

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