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The Clay Aiken/PETA Controversy

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PETA is making a stand against American Idol Clay Aiken for his comment in a Rolling Stone interview about how cats are actually Satan in disguise. Apparently, Clay ran over his own cat when he was 16 years old and the event traumatized him for life. After reading the controversial article it is clear that Clay feels cats are put in the world to haunt him.

PETA plays with Clay
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OMG that sucks soooooooo bad because I LOVED clay now I just can't feel the same about him. Although I do think i'm cursed when it comes to solid black cats.
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Can't believe there are 21st century people with Dark Ages mentality!
If I read correctly, PETA is putting down this Clay Aikon because of his comment on cats. Well then, go PETA!
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I always thought he was a little bit strange
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OMG, people, people, the kid was joking. He has a somewhat dark sense of humor (refreshingly so, for AmIdol contestants), that's all. After accidentally running over his pet kitten at such a young age, he's obviously got something of a minor phobia about cats, for which I can't say I blame him. (Though I do hope he moves past it eventually so he can enjoy the wonder and glory of cats! ).

This hardly makes him a cruel person, nor does a sarcastic and irreverant comment in Rolling Stone mean that he is genuinely of the belief that cats are Satannic. LOL!

But I must say I'm thrilled to see that there are no cases of genuine animal cruelty, since PETA now has enough time and resources to go after the likes of Clay Aiken. Seriously, I'm not a PETA-basher, but this is just a timewasting and self-promoting gimmick on their part. They really do an injustice to their cause when they pull crap like this.
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LoL, if I hadn't read the article, this fact "Apparently, Clay ran over his own cat when he was 16 years old and the event traumatized him for life" , this would have told me that Clay Aiken was a kind hearted and animal lover. The article told me that he didn't care for cats, but readding what was said above....lead me to have a first impression that Clay was terrified to see them only cause he didn't want to have the chance again to kill one.
That's what I got from those clips, anyway.
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What disturbs me is that he has yet to respond to all of this. If he weren't serious when he made the remarks, or just wanted to recover some of his good image, this would be a good opportunity to help a deserving organization, such as the local animal shelter here in Raleigh. Heck, he could just put on a show for charity and stay far, far away from any cats. I don't care for him in the first place, but silence can be as damning as an admission of guilt.
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Someone posted this statement on another forum

Clay accidentally ran over the Kitten with his car when he was sixteen. He feels the cat has been haunting him ever since.
PETA has gone way beyond infantile in their tactics!
So Clay doesn't like cats, big deal. That's no reason for PETA to attack him! It was an isolated incident that happened long ago.
Clay is not gay, he's just a Virgin. Which PETA shouldn't be making fun of either. Just my two cents folks.
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so he doesen't like cats,it's not a big deal.
I don't like snakes and spiders while others love them
and keep them as pets.
Personally,i don't think he owes PETA an explanation.
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