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They Stole My Birds

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We bought toys for Tiki.

They seem to have outlived their entertainment value.

So we bought a bird feeder to put out on the balcony. The birds came, and Tiki was overjoyed, chirping at the window all day long and stalking them. It's like cat drive-in theater. When she's watching the birds, she's not trying to figure out how to jump up on the Shelf of Delicate Collectibles.

Two days ago our neighbor put up a deluxe, hanging platform feeder, closer to the garden trees.

Our birds have since completely disappeared.

As I write this, I can see 20-30 birds crowding around THEIR feeder, about 500 feet away - well out of cat entertainment range.

So this morning I bought three (3) more feeders and five (5) types of seed.


My girlfriend thinks we look psychotic having 4 bird feeders on a 3x6 balcony.
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Well birds will opt to go to feed where there is adequate cover- so if your balcony is pretty bare, they will more than likely stay near the trees and the bigger feeder. What about investing in a fish tank? We had one for years and the cats loved it, as long as it has a tight fitting lid and it stablized it makes for great cat diversion.
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What about investing in a fish tank?
I have wanted a fish tank but I can't get The Boss to approve one. We currently have a freeze on indoor pet acquisitions.
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Also birs just like any other animals like special treats . If you just buy the regular food for birds make a different compare to the special ones you can buy . I feed to birds the sunflower mix with nuts , I forgot how it is really called . But that seem to be the trick . I also were reading that in a bird book how to atract birds to your bird feeder . So forget about buying more feeder , just go and buy the more expensive fod and you will have them all back in your feeder . Just buy a small bag in the begining and watch . But don't tell your neighbour about it
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I'm so sorry, that sounded so funny. War for the Birds. I would be annoyed too if my kitties were happy with the entertainment and it got stolen.

Don't have any tips for you, but the ones above sound good. I'm thinking of putting out a bird feeder too for the kitties' entertainment, so I'll keep an eye on this thread for more tips.
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