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My life as a student

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Those of you who know me - probably noticed that Im not around lately...
I do miss this place, a LOT, but I took a step forward in life - and started my bachelors in Strategy and Diplomacy. Im 26, so I'm almost the oldest in my class (me, and a 28-yrs old guy from NY, and a 40 years old woman with 2 kids from England!). Its not easy, but Im am so happy!
Im studying in a special program with and I have 60 people in my class from 10 different countries in the world! how exciting is that?!?!

So anyways, now that I kinda got used to my new stressful schedule, I wanted to popin and say hi to y'all, and welcome to the new folks!

Great being back! I hope I will have time to write more often...
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Nunny!!! I was wondering where you vanished to! Good for you gal in continuing on with your education. I know you will do just fine!
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Welcome back Nunny! Good for you, going out and getting your Bachelor's!! It sounds like you're having a great time!
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Hi Nunny. Congratulations on going back to school-that's so cool! And your program sounds really neat, too. I hope when your schedule settles down you'll have more of a chance to stop in and visit....
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thanks, gals... I intend to visit more often! I miss this place!
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Hi Nunny, good for you to keep on studying.. I wish I had enough cash to start studying again. Hope to see you around some time!
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Nunny! I have missed you! Good luck for school and I hope to see you round more often. Hugs!
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thank you guys! I need all the wishes I can get for school... Its realy hard to fit in! but I love every minute of it for now. And I missed you too, SAM!! (how about a nice road trip somewhere?!?)
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What an exciting degree program! I would absolutely love to get a degree in diplomacy. I am impressed!
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It is so good to see you back and I am so happy to hear you are going to school again! I think that is what I am going to do in January, but I just am not sure what to take yet...haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up yet.
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I don't know you, but welcome back
Congratulations on deciding to go to school. I myself should be going to college this fall, if everything works out as planned.

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I definitely think going back to school was a great decision. Its not easy, as I said, but its worth all the effort, and at my age - I feel I am much more mature to handle it, and I actually feel like Im "absorbing" the material much better.
And... once you get the hang of it, and arrange yourself a dygestible schedule, you manage to have some time left for fun stuff, like coming here!
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