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Constant Loose Stools

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Ok, i'm at the end of my tether here, ever since i got Angel she has always had diarrhoea, not constantly but on and off.
It's like 2 days on, 2 off ALL the time

She's playing fine, eats well, i just don't understand why this is happening. None of the other cats have it. I tried eliminating all the extras i give her and so she is soley on a diet of Royal Canin Kitten.

I'm very worried now as she's coming up to 6 months and shes still very small.

What could be causing this? It's so frustrating, it's like she's better for a few days and her stools are fine, then boom! sudden diarrhoea!!!
I took her to the vet a month ago and was given antibiotics, they helped for a day or so but it was back again!
I know for a fact she's not eating anything else, she never goes outside, all the cats are indoor.
It's getting to a point where i cant take much more`as it gets everywhere because of her long hair

Advice what i should do, please????
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Did your vet look at a stool sample? There are parasites such as coccidia that go on a cyclical basis. I suggest you first rule out internal parasites (gardia, coccidia, worms), and if that checks out, there are foods that are specifically for diarrhea that you can get from your vet (Science Diet WD and Purina DM). These are high protein diets that are geared towards diabetics as well as diarrhea.

Bottom line - you need to get your baby to a vet and talk not only about parasites, but perhaps a special diet.
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Until you do get your cat to the vet, try introducing fiber into the diet. Canned pumpkin works well, as does cooked and mashed green beans-even catnip is a good source of fiber.
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Great suggestions above, and as for getting all over, which is understandably yucky, how about taking her to a groomer's to get the back end a shave? That should help there.
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The vet told my neighbor to feed her cat a strict diet of boiled turkey and rice for a week to see if it clears up his diarrhea. The pumpkin helps him but not as much as she'd like. She is in pretty much the same situation.
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Sicycat, are you sure your neighbor's vet didn't say chicken and rice rather than turkey. Turkey is too rich for cats, loaded with fat, diarrhea won't be resolved with turkey. Chicken and rice with absolutely nothing added would be ideal, but as noted by MomofMany above, parasites, bacterial, etc should always be ruled out with any cat or kitten with persistent diarrhea (in addition to her post, add e-coli, campylobacter, clostridium, salmonella, etc).................Traci
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Hmm I'll have to ask her.. maybe she did say Chicken. And yes, this is only because parasites are ruled out already.
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