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My DAD might get a CAT!!!!!!!!!!

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OK, this might not seem like a big deal to most people, but my dad is a "dog person" and when we had cats when I was little, he'd talk to them sometimes, but he'd never really play with them or pet them. Plus, he is deathly allergic to cats.

Anyway, he and my brother came over to my apartment last night to help my fix a couple things and have dinner with me. The whole time, every time my dad saw Luna, he'd say he just couldn't get over what a pretty cat she is, how sweet she is, etc. Then he says he's thinking about getting a pet, because he misses having one, and he's considering a cat, to boot! I was floored. My DAD, want a CAT?? My brother of course was totally excited, cuz he's been asking for a pet for a long time. My dad said he was just worried about allergies. (He tried allergy shots for years and they never really helped much.)

Well, the breeder that I got Luna from is also a very small-time Siberian breeder. These cats are hypo-allergenic. The gene the produces the protein that is the allergen that most people react to in a cat's saliva is mutated. So, Siberians produce very little of it. I told my dad about Siberians, and he was really interested. I know it's not as good as if he could get a cat from the shelter or something, but given how allergic he is to cats, I'm just excited that he's considering getting one at all.

I'm so excited! Luna may have a "cousin" soon!
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That IS a big deal -- I love it when dog people turn into cat people! I'm sure you and Luna have helped to convert him
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Oh That's great news! Please keep us updated.
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That is wonderful!
And talking about hypoallergenic cats, what about the rex breeds? I saw it once in TV "Company of Animals". They said they are also for people who have cat allergies.
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Wow, that's great! Some dog people don't really like cats and it usually takes a lot to change their opinion. If he can handle living with a kitten that's even better.
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