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1 cat, how many litter boxes?

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Is one sufficient? I was thinking of having 2 but don't want to confuse the kitty. What do you think?
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The general rule is 1 box per kitty + 1. So if you have 1 cat that is 2 boxes.

When we just had one cat, she had a single litter box and was fine. Then I gave her another box and it was kinda fun to see which box she would use to do "what" (pee or poop), but don't worry, having extra boxes won't confuse. It just gives them more options.

If you have special circumstances, like a really big house or two levels or an older cat that doesn't move as easiely, or you go away on the weekends and leave kitty home, then an extra box would be a good thing.
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My rule is one cat, two litterboxes. The reason is, in the wild, a cat will rarely urinate and deficate in the same place. (Fear of attack) They do their business, move to another spot and then proceed. That is just how I work it here, and I have never had litter box issues with any of the cats I have had here.
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we have 2 cats but only 1 litter box and we use
Tidy Cat litter for multiple cats
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We have 3 cats and one litter box. We live in a small apartment and have no space for an extra box. I just have to scoop everyday, but that's all right with me. The way I see it....I'm always insulted when I hit a toilet that hasn't been flushed, lol
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3 cats & 3 litterboxes/pans. But since they are outdoor, I don't need to scoop everyday.
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It will depend on your particular kitty. As stated, some cats want to pee and poop in different boxes. Some don't care. If the house is large or there is a lot of distance to cover from one end to the other, I would definitely take that into account. If the cat is elderly, he might need access "QUICKLY" so boxes in each room might be necessary.
Just a couple of things to think about.
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Wow, 1 box per kitty plus 1? I have heard this too and I have 8 cats I have 3 BIG litter boxes.
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i kitty one BIG box and no problem!!!
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Two kitties, one huge box in this house.

The only problem we've ever had was Gibbons spraying in one particular room of the house, so we closed that room off so he has no access, problem solved thus far.

I scoop the box at least once a day. My kids love to help with the 'animal upkeep' as we call it here, so they actually help me with scooping duty (and a supervised hand washing afterwards )

As long as we keep the box in a certain spot in the back hall, kitties are happy. Moving the box led to peeing on the laundry, so lesson learned by me. My boys are good teachers
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I've heard 1 per cat +1, but when we tried that after one cat had died (it was originally 2 cats and 2 boxes), Jamie continued just using the one box, so I put the other away after a few weeks. I scoop at least once a day, and take him outside on a leash every day so that he can mark the bushes around the perimeter of the yard, something he started doing three years after he was castrated. His box is pretty big, and he always urinates in one corner and defecates in another.
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amber and mags each have their own boxes and they like it fine. no problems.
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2 cats, 1 box.

I used to have two boxes, but they both just used one, so I removed the 2nd one that was not in use.
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My cat uses one litter box. She tends to urine in the corners and poop just in front of the pee. The middle of the box is like a "safe and clean" zone or something. I noticed one day when she entered the box, she did #1. Then she completely turned her body around and did #2. I guess she can't pee and poop in the same position/area?!?!
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Originally posted by MissCharlotte
The middle of the box is like a "safe and clean" zone or something.
one of my kitties is the complete opposite. . .the very center of the box is the bullseye for her pees. When I clean out her box there is scratch marks all concentrated in the center. She is very fastidious. She even barfs neatly on linoleum rather than carpet
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