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Molly's first vet visit

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I took Molly in for her first check up. Since she is a purebred Bengal I decided to take her to a cat clinic. They specialize only in cats. The nurses were nice and of course fell in love with Molly instantly.
The doctor gave her the distemper shot and told me how important it would be to bring her back for a leukemia shot even though she is an indoor cat. He said I could bring the virus in or Molly could accidentaly get out. He told me that she was very dehydrated and that I should put her on wet food, and she had some fleas. He than handed me a sheet of paper letting me know at what age I would need what shot. This is what was on the line titled... 14 to 16 weeks:
Declawing should be considered at this time.
I asked the DR. about this and he said that yes he highly recommends declawing cats and asked me if I was interested. Oooh... BIG MISTAKE I told him that I did not believe in declawing and that we should leave it there. Well my Dr. friend didn't want to leave it there. He told me that he doesn't hurt the cats like other vets do. That he is very gentle and when the cats awake they don't even know they're missing claws. Than he goes on to tell me that all the cats here living in the clinic are declawed and they love it, they don't miss them at all. He declawed his two cats at home and he thinks it's cute when they go through the motions of clawing. As if they are acting for his amusement. I was so furious... I had tears in my eyes and told him that it infuriates me to hear how uneducated he is about this subject and that he is passing false information onto his clients. I ask him if it is possible for my cat to get out and catch leukemia than why would I want to declaw her so she is uanble to protect herself. No answer from that question. He told me that a lady with a bengal came in and he declawed the cat because it was clawing her leather couch
In some situations there is just no other choice.
We argued back and forth for about 15 minutes Until I realized this idiot had no idea what he was talking about. I let everyone know that I would never be back there again and pray that they educate themselves on declawing. So $86 dollars later, for a bunch of nonsence I walked out.

I think what got me so mad, was that I didn't even ask about it. It was thrown up in my face as if it was no big thing. If I hadn't known about declawing and how horrible it was I would have thought it the same as spaying little Molly. I left with such a sick feeling in my stomach. This was the first time that has ever happend. I never hear the mention of declawing. I guess I am emotional about this. But deep down inside I'm glad I am.
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You said it best...

The guys an IDIOT!

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I honestly dont know how these people can call themselves vets!! What an A**. The first dumb remark he made was that you could bring leukemia in to Molly. If he knew what he was talking about he would know that it is not airborn!! Then to talk about declawing as if you were doing your cat a favor is just plain pathetic!! I dont know how he can call himself a cat specialist.
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Hey Sandie,

That's good to know. He told me that I could bring the "virus"
into my house from my jacket.

That had me completely freaked out. It's nice to know that it is
not airborne.

I had never been for declawing and don't think I would have ever
done it, but I learned so much more from this site.

So if my kitten is dehydrated is wet food the only thing that
will hydrate her?
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It horrifies me that he was in a cat clinic! I would have been less surprised if he was at a regular all animal clinic...but a cat clinic shouldn't have such a moron!!!!

Regarding dehydration....one of my cats was always dehydrated because she didn't like drinking out of a bowl. I bought a drinkwell fountain and she has had no problems since then. I bought mine at http://www.petswarehouse.com/cart.htm but I have seen them in the back of Cat Fancy and on some other pet sites as well.
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Thanks lotsocats. The thing is Molly drinks water constantly. I have several areas for her water. He said I can tell when my cats are dehydrated by pulling the skin and if it doesn't snap back immediately than I will know she is dehydrated.

Well, she is till drinking water and I have put her on Iams wet food. She truly doesn't mind that all

I completely agree with the fact that you would have expected this moron to have known more about cats than he obviously did.
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I can't believe how much of an idiot that vet was. The only way a cat can get feluk is by coming into contact with another cat with the disease. All my cats are indoor but I get the vaccine for them anyway because of the "what if they got out" issue.

I used to work for a veterinarian and he never brought up declawing unless the client mentioned something about it first.

I don't see how your furrbaby could be dehydrated. Usually cats are only get dehydrated when there is something wrong. I don't know if the breed has a tendancy towards that or what but I would call another vet and get a second opinion.
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Shannon!!!!!!!! I am so glad that you walked out of there!!!!!!
That vet would have really p.o'd me, too!!!!!!!
That makes me so mad that a vet, of all people, someone who is supposed to care so much about animals, would suggest to you to have your cat declawed!

Sorry if I seem a bit angry here....but my god, what is he thinking??
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I know exactly how you feel Debby. I have
calmed down a little bit since the appointment
but it still makes me angry whenever I think
about it. The whole situation is pretty unfortunate.
I just feel happy that Molly lives with me, therefore
she will keep her claws!
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