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elisabethan collar probs

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My kitty,Onyx, just had surgery on his ear to repair a hematoma. His ear is full of stitches inside and out. Since he would scratch the ear he has to wear an Elisabethan Collar which he, of course,hates. He finds it very difficult to eat and drink waterand sits around listlessly in one spot all day. Is there anything I can do to make this easier for him? He needs to wear the collar for 10 days, thats 8 to go at this point. How can I make his food/water more accessible? I tried taking itoff so he could eat,which was fine, but as soon as he was done he scratched his ear and ripped a stitch...Help!
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Hmmmm.... I would try raising the dishes and see if that helps. They dont have to bend their necks as far to see or eat the food. You can also try feeding him on a dish rather than the bowls ( I am assuming he has bowls). My vet had cut a small section out just below the chin so that the cat could at least bend the neck without bumping into stuff. I hope you guys make it through this without too much stress. It's hard when you know they are unhappy but its for their benefit.
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Onyx is doing ok...he still hates the collar but twice a day I take it off for a while when I am able to sit and watch him very closely. He uses this time to eat,drink and potty in his litter box. Hes adjusting well, I still get the angry glares after the collar goes back on, but he'll get over it. The worst part is I have to give him ear drops and antibiotic pills twice a day besides forcing him to wear the collar. I hope he'll forgive me after all this. The collar comes off in 7 days. It breaks my heart to see him like this Thanks for the advice :rainbow:
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Why did they end up doing surgery for it? My dog has this and the vet said there wasn't anything that could be done. (I'm not really thrilled with this vet and am currently trying to find a new one - pref. a female vet)

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My vet ended up cutting the entire inside flap of his ear open to drain the blood and then he stitched it back up not only at the edges but all through the center as well, like a grid, to keep it from filling with blood again. He said this ensures the hematoma won't come back. He said if we had let it go and not gotten the surgery done Onyx may have ended up breaking the hematoma with his claw and it may have gotten infected. Besides that, it was very heavy and uncomfortable for him to carry around. With proper care he should be just fine.
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Just got my cat back from major, major surgery on his bladder/urethea and he's got a large collar on for the next two weeks and hates it.

It's gonna be tough and when he sits down it's rubbing against his leg and making it sore but will he not get stressed because he can't wash?
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Unfortuantley he will probably get stressed. Just the fact that the collar is on is probably stressing him out. However, it is for their own good. Think of it in terms with people. When we have to say have a cast on for months, it really is bothersome. I am sure he will be so very happy when it comes off though.
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