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Help for nausea

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Gus is experiencing nausea from his chemo on Thursday and hasn't been able to keep anything down today. I can't get in touch with his regular vet until Monday and the emergency clinic said to just keep an eye on him Can anyone recommend something that would help? He has lost almost 2lbs due to his cancer so I cannot have him going without food for even a day.
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I think I would try finger feeding him, and I would switch him to a homemade diet for awhile, and even add a little bit of organic catnip to his food to entice him to eat it.

Here is a website that is really good in helping you figure out what type of homemade diet to feed:


Best of luck.......poor kitty......
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I'm so sorry, poor Gus Since kitties with crf get nausea (big time sometimes) I've had to deal with it, and I wonder if Slippery Elm Bark might not be just the ticket for you? Here is a page that tells you what it does, how to dose it etc. Info on Slippery Elm Bark Use for kitties

I think Hissy's got a great idea, and would also suggest homemade chicken broth, boiled chicken...if chewing/texture is a problem, make a puree for him (also can be fed then with a feeding syringe).

If Gus is a fish loving fellow try a bit of tuna juice atop his food, or bonita fish flakes (any oriental grocery will have them, or a petco's petgold bonita flakes, or if you can find an off internet store with Kitty Kaviar).

hope he feels better soon, best wishes with the chemo,
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Thank you for all the great suggestions. I just took his temperature and it is 38.7 C. I think the normal range is 36 - 38, is that right? (Sorry, can't do farenheight)
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He is a bit sub normal with that temp- he should be sitting at about 102 and he is at 101.7 so that is not to bad, considering what the chemo is doing to his body. But I would keep an eye on him, check his gums for color, they are going to be a bit pale but if they start getting white and streaked you want to call your vet. Also push fluids if you can, pedialyte is good to give if you mix it with the broth (chicken or turkey) You can also ask your vet for what they call recovery food. It is a special food they give sickly cats (at least at my clinic they have it- better than AD nutrient enriched, expensive as all get out, but works well.
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