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1 thin cat--1overweight cat

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I have two indoor cats--Zac is a neutered,long, thin male; Chloe is a spayed, smaller, overweight female, both approx.4 years old. I've been feeding them Iams or Eukanuba since they were adopted. Chloe started out being a petite 6 mo. old, rescued from the outdoors by an SPCA worker. We don't know how long she was homeless.

I want to put Chloe on a diet and don't know how to go about it without starving Zac. They have 2 bowls, but don't really hold to "owning" their own and nibble at their food throughout the day.

I plan to cut back on the portion, but what can I do to keep Chloe out of Zac's food? I've considered putting a bowl for Zac up on the counter, but Chloe's still limber enough to jump up there if she's hungry enough.

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Do you free feed all day, or do you feed at special times? Any time that you give special treat meals?

I have young kittens to senior cats on special diets, to small adults to overweight adults in my house and still free feed the food that most of the cats are on (Science Diet maintenance). Once a day during the evening, we have a special feeding for all the cats with special dietary needs. They are given their special food on their own plate in their own space (sometimes separate rooms). It's the only compromise we can work out in our household, as all are used to free feeding.

If you overweight girl can't get up on something that your thinner one can (something tall like a bookcase?), perhaps you can try feeding up there.

You could also switch them over to a lighter food (gradually), then add an extra meal for your smaller boy.
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First of all, please do not put your cat on a diet, without a vet's recommendation. That can in and of itself cause your cat major health problems if you are the one deciding the cat needs to lose weight. Until you get the cat to the vet, increase the activity level, take an old fishing pole, string some line and tie a toy on the end of it and play with your cat. If you have a cat condo, run the cat up and down the cat condo several times, if you have stairs do the same thing. Run the toy on the bed, off the bed, for at least 15 minutes a day of interactive play. But putting your cat on your own self-imposed diet can sometimes spell disaster. Take the cat into the vet and have the vet prescribe the right kind of food and the amounts you should feed.
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Thanks, Hissy, for your wise advice. I should have done so before I began this diet. She's outwardly healthy in every other way--just trying to save some money, but I could have cost me more in serious health issues. AND, I will start playing with her more. She still loves to play and I sometimes neglect my motherly duty.

Thanks again. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow.
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