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Cat acting weird

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My 1 year old neutered male cat who is normally fun loving, playful, likes to be petted, allows you to pick him up and is always playing with our jack russell terrier has suddenly changed his personality. I think he may have something wrong with his tail as in the last few days he's suddenly started hissing and scratching when we try to pick him up or if we touch his tail. I held him down to try and look at his tail so I could see if maybe he had something stuck in it or if maybe his butt had something in it but his tail looks fine and his coat looks fine too. Today when the dog tried to play with him he hissed and scratched at her. What could be wrong with him? Growing pains? He has a kinked tail that maybe could be growing and maybe it's hurting him. What do you think?
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I think it is time for a vet visit for your cat . If he was born with the tail kinked then it should not hurt him at all . I have a cat and he has also a kinked tail and he is fine with that tail , no biting or scratching and we also can touch it . A cat only change its nature if there is something wrong with him/her . So please go with your cat to a vet asap .
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Yep I have to agree with Hedi. There are 207 bones in a cat's tail, it is very likely that the cat injured the tail without you being aware of it, or there is another underlying health issue at work here.
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I agree with seeing a vet. I used to have a cat with a tail kinked since birth and it never seemed to bother him. If the cat won't let you pick him up, maybe something is wrong with more than his tail.
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