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Ok I hope this works. Its about time I have some pictures of my furbaby.

Here he is on this first thanksgiving having some turkey!

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Am currently making plans to come catnap Em---I LOVE Orange kitties !
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Awwww he is a gorgeous kitty
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he certainly is a handsome young boy
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I love orange kitties, too! I wish I had one. Emmett is precious!
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Emmet is a very beautiful cat and what a cute look he got .
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I like Orangies too! I used to have one named Kiddy. I put some pics of him on my website on the second page but I haven't been able to get it up and working yet.

Em looks like he enjoyed having a bit of Thanksgiving!
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Gotta love Em! He's gorgeous!
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You seem to have interrupted his Thanksgiving snack!
What a good looking cat!
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