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Just an amusing little tale

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Yesterday morning I arrived home from work in the wee hours of the morning. As my headlights hit the end of the driveway I spotted a flash of eyes. Now since I have had everything from Moose to bobcats to woodchucks,raccoons and rabbits in my yard I slowed down before pulling in. There in the driveway I met 2 of my neighbor's cats. The larger one,a black longhair scooted into the bushes but the other,a long haired grey tiger bravely stood his ground. Now this is just a smallish cat about a year or so old. He arched his back,fluffed his tail and started stiff-legged hopping..at my truck. Veeeery evil look on his face. I crept slowly forward and he retreated a bit but then went into Fierce Tiger mode again. This went on the entire length of the driveway. Move up,stop for attack kitty,move up,stop. It took me 10 minutes to travel my driveway:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Finally he leaped into the bushes..likely veeery impressed with himself. :LOL: :LOL: It took me another 10 minutes to stop laughing long enough to get the door unlocked. We raise TOUGH cats up here.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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LOL KF! I can only imagine. I bet that was really entertaining. I love watching my boys play.. how Drew will stand on his hind legs and swing at Jake like he's a boxer... he even side steps while standing like that before taking a plung at him. It's adorable!

I would have paid to be able to see that. I bet it was hilarious! :laughing:

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That's too funny. I would love to hear what he was thinking at the time. I can just see you trying to get into the house without a cat on your back..LOL.
Hey Kittyfoot whats with the big teeth on the front of the 18 wheelers? I have seen 3 trucks recently with them. At first it was a little scary looking into my rear view mirror and having those things staring me in the face. I kinda like them now..but what's with the whole idea?
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Sandie...I haven't seen those yet. Just another dumb fad like the waving hands,etc. I prefer a nice simple truck these days...less to polish. A truck wash can run over $60 these days not counting the trailer.
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Well, if you ever see one....they are HUGE and look like those dracula teeth wide open. I can't imagine trying to wash one though. It takes me a good 6 to 7 hours to detail my Saturn. I would imagine I would be there days doing an 18 wheeler.
Of course you didn't start this thread to answer my silly questions. But I have always wondered what you guys were actually thinking when kids move their arms up and down in hopes that you will honk your VERY loud horn and scare the crap out of everyone else on the road.
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What a funny story. You tell it so well. My husband calls the arched back, stiff legs, side jumping, the kitties 'halloween dance' because of the pictures you see at halloween of the black cats in that position. I also liked the phrase 'fierce tiger mode'. Whatever it's called that particular cat hopping always makes me laugh. My black girl, Buttons, is always jumping like that at my other girl, Patches, and it is too cute.

Keep on with your stories...love em.
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Oh, Kittyfoot, I laughed when I read your story! I can just picture hat kitty doing his stiff legged dance. I do love it when they act tough. My little Rocky is all of 3 months old, with 6 adult brothers and sisters...2 one year olds, a 2 year old, a three year old, aseven year old and an eleven year old. He likes to act tough with them. I love when he does his stiff legged sideways dance. He thinks he is all that! And usually they let him think so!
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Great story!


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Oh that made me chuckle :laughing: :laughing2 I can just imagine it..... hee hee

I love the way cats always assume they've won - even against a car etc?! If you're a cat you just can't lose!! (cos they're just soooooo scary right?! )

Still thats why we love 'em!
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KF what a story!!!!
My mum's cat always does this to the vacuum cleaner. I love chasing him around the house with it, he's just so funny :LOL:
But they are indeed brave little creatures, God bless them!
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That is a funny story. I have never heard of a cat being quite that brave.
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Kittyfoot...I loved your story, and could just picture it all in my mind!!
Sandie...I haven't seen any semi's with the big teeth yet....but when one drives up behind me, I will surely pee my pants!! :laughing2:
How intimidating!!!!!!
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We truckers get a smile from the "honk your horn" crowd...especially the kids. We'll give them a toot most times,depending on where. Most cities will fine a truck heavily for using the airhorn within city limits....among many other things. And as you say we won't usually do it in traffic because of scaring some folks. Anyways it's a nice change from being waved at..with one finger.

Everywhere we go these days the cities want us to deliver their goods and get lost. So we have to be very careful.

I'm glad you folks liked the little story. My yard is like a mystery zoo,I never know what will appear. We even had a rabbit circle just after we moved here and the crows have a council tree nearby.
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I am glad to hear I wasn't aggrivating truckers all those years. I can imagine how many unpleasant fingers you get. Of course it is because of the handful of really bad drivers out there. I don't think they would do that if they really knew what you guys went through on the job.
The only critters I get here are skunks and squirrels. Of course there's quite a few things here I have never seen before. Being from CA in a beach area I wasn't exposed to much. My car had a very unfriendley encounter with a wild turkey though
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A couple of weeks ago I was driving along in the fog on one of my night runs when my left mirror literally exploded. A bird had flown into it in the fog and I never saw him. In my 29 yrs on the road I have seen many things;great beauty and sheer horror. I have been all smiles and scared half to death. Sliding down an icy hill with a tank trailer full of gasoline in near full jackknife position is guaranteed to bring you closer to the Lord. No athiests on an icy hill. Fortunately He looks after me pretty well as I've never had a pile-up in a couple of million miles. Thank You Lord. But don't get me started on trucking stories.

Anyway..rabbit circles or rabbit dances are very rarely seen. This was on a moonlit night and took place in our front yard. Wild rabbits started showing up by ones and twos. Gradually they formed a complete circle in the snow;all facing towards the center. One rabbit hops to the hub of the circle and begins hopping and leaping..mostly standing on his hind legs and chirping and whistling the whole time. He finishes and goes back to the circle whereupon the next one takes his place in the center and repeats the whole dance. This continues until every rabbit has had his turn in the center. Then the circle suddenly disappears and rabbits go in all directions. Within seconds all are gone and only the trampled snow remains. I have read about this but never expected to see it. They have never repeated this here altho I have seen other sites in the woods. Truly amazing..like a fairy tale.
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Kittyfoot, that is so great. Just loved your stories. My youngest son is a trucker. Drives for Consolidated Freight(cornflakes), here in Ohio. I know he has had some strange experiences on the road.

Just wanted you to know your stories are great.

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I loved the story about the Halloween dance of the kitty.
I have never heard of the rabbit circle. Does this happen everywhere?
I'm originally from the mid-west and then Ohio and now VA and have never heard of it. Interesting.
My kitties do the arch-side step thing and it cracks me up.

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I can't really vouch for everywhere. These rabbits were mostly snowshoe hares...think of a white jackrabbit you southern folks...a northern breed. The dance is a seldom seen thing...some folks call me a liar...once.
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