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how many of you have 2nd jobs?

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How many have 2nd jobs (part-time) after working a normal 40 hour week, and why do you do it?
I put in for a part-time job to help with some bills, even though I dont want to. It's thru a temp agency for a travel company. It pays $9.00/hr. I thought I could do it on the weekend, which they do have hours for.
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My husband and I don't have second jobs right now, but a long time ago he did. He used to work a 45 hour week for his full time job, and then worked 10 for another place for extra spending money. It was tough, but at that time we needed the money because we had just bought a house and every little extra helped.

Nowadays we both work regular jobs and don't need any extra income. But if we needed it, neither one of us would mind picking up extra hours.

I think a second job is a wise decision, its better than defaulting on your bills.
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I wouldnt say we are 'defaulting' by missing our payments every month. We just go past the grace period. I think maybe an extra 10 hours would help. 10 hours x $9.00 is $90 a week and that equals $360 extra a month. I could manage that until I find a job that pays more. It's just that I cant really til December. Next week, I have my sinus surgery. And, I want that bonus before I leave my current job. I've seen quite a few jobs paying over $12.00.
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Oh I wasn't saying "you" were defaulting. I was just saying I would get a second job before I defaulted. I wasn't speaking about you.
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my husband was working 55 hours a week at his one job, and he sets tile some times. I work 40 hours a week + my business which is very time consuming.
he just got a new job that will be 40 hours a week, but he will more then likly start building cat condos for me.
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Actually, imo, I dont know if we are technically defaulting on our payments. I mean, I make them before the month is up: mortgage, water bill, etc. But, I do go past the grace periods. So, daniela, since you worked at a bank, to the banks, is that considered defaulting? I'm just asking since u have worked in a bank Actually, Ive been meaning to sit down and write things that are due each month, so I dont have this keep happening. I hope I hear something back about this job.
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hubby works about 60 hours a week and he says that he may
STILL have to get a second job....nothing new for him
because he's had tons of second jobs in the past
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Well, defaulting is a very general term. Normally, if there is a due date on a bill ( say Dec 1st), if its payed after that date then its a default. BUT, having said that, just because its a day or two late, that does not reflect on your credit report. Something has to be 30 days late before a bank will report it as officially late.

What does happen though when you go past your grace periods though is a lot of times you will get a late fee from the company. Say your dealing w/ your mortgage. They may charge you up to $50 for a payment received after your grace period, even if its not late enough to put on your credit report. What also happens is if you go to apply for something else w/ the same bank, they can say you have a poor repayment history w/ them and not lend to you. It doesn't just have to be a ding on your credit report...companies and banks keep their own records as well and will use them when deciding to lend to you again.

Tigger, in my opinion, the best way to keep track of your bills is to sit down and write a list of what you pay and what day its due. Then as your bills come in, just pay them in order as to how they are due. Say if you know the electric is due on the 15th of each month, when you get your paycheck the friday before you would pay it. That ensures plenty of time for it to get there. I know when you are on a fixed budget it can get difficult. But I'm a true believer ( and this is a Dr. Phil saying) that you can't solve money problems w/ money. Its a lifestyle issue most of the time. You must live within your means, even if it means giving up temporarily things that you find enjoyable. You may have to give up some luxuries in order to get ahead on your bills, instead of paying them late.

Good luck w/ your new job!
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You can't be doing TOO bad if you're making $9 an hour at your second job... you're making more than I am at my first one and I'm paying on a new house and supporting another. Where do you live at? Economics may be very different between our areas.

I have considered getting a second job but instead I'm usually able to weasel overtime at my first one. A second job would be most likely considerably less than OT at my first.
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I think that the south in general has much lower costs of living. I know that up here in the Northeast, cost of living is extrememly high. Other than California, we have the highest in the nation I believe. $9 per hour up here is considered very low pay.
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I have two cleaning jobs , one at a priest house and the other one is cleaning my church . Wednesday I do the priest and my church I do when ever I feel like it befor sunday . But my husband has a 2nd job as a off duty police job for about 5 hours once a week , he get $ 15.oo dollars the hour for that . I think it is pretty good pay . That money really help us build the cat enclosure , wood is not cheap .
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Tigger, my s/o and I had the same problem with being behind on the bills. We finally collected the whole month's bills, and wrote on a posterboard the payment and due date. It really helped.

Now we keep all the bills in a file folder in our mail holder. I keep them organized by when they are due. Then when we get paid, I take out the bills that are due next and pay them. I also write out a budget for each payday, so we know what money is going where. It took a while to get used to doing it this way, but it's working.

We tried a couple of different bill paying "systems" until we found something that worked for us. And the fact that he worked estra hours this summer, and I taught summer school and did some other work for my school district, brought in the extra cash we needed to get caught up on our bills.
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I know after my divorce. I had two jobs for the longest time. My ex had cleaned out our bank accounts prior to leaving town. I couldn't make headway until I finally I sat down and wrote out a realistic list of necessities and luxuries. I cut out all the luxuries even though it hurt to do so. Not that there were that many. But movies, video rentals, bowling, all went out the door. I had a long distance phone lock put on my phone (that was my worst weakness) People could call me, but I couldn't call them. I started to cook at home instead of ordering food out, traded in my newer car to buy one that was better on gas mileage and had cheaper payments. I took up an inexpensive hobby (embroidery) just to stay occupied and instead of going to the bookstore to buy books, I went to the library instead. It took 2 years of discipline, but it worked and i got back on my feet, got my credit and moved from an apartment to a house.
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I dont have it yet .. that is how much they would pay. They do offer over time at work, which I have done occassionally. I have 2 main goals:
Pay off the visa, which is at $475.
and 2, to get us set up on the bi-weekly for our mortgage, but in order to do that, I need to get caught up where I can pay it on time (with no grace period). I think they require me to make 2 mortgage payments, then that following month, it takes effect. If I can do that, we would be off so much better. I've even thought of applying at Target or something like that.
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At one point I had 2 jobs with the same company. Full time 45 hour/week job as technical support and part time 20 hour/week QA. I did that for a year so I could move out of a situation that was dangerous for me.
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Originally posted by hissy
I had a long distance phone lock put on my phone (that was my worst weakness) People could call me, but I couldn't call them.
Too bad they didn't have broadband and Voice-Over-IP service back then. Free long distance... WOO HOO!
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Originally posted by dtolle
$9 per hour up here is considered very low pay.
Oh believe me... it is here too. Not exactly Burger King pay, but not something you can have a house or family or anything on.
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I think that people just have to do what they have to do. If you need the money and want to get ahead, then a second job would be the right choice. The only downfall is IF you have children, your quantity/quality time is cut back.

But from what I remember Tigger, you don't have kids, so I say go for it!!!
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I applied at Lowe's and at Robinson's May I hope someone calls. They are both hiring
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I have 2 jobs... I work M-F 9-5:30 and then I work for my friend ( I clean her apartment since I need the extra cash) on Sunday mornings. She gives me $40 a week. It takes me no more than 2 hours/week. That means I make $160-$200 a month depending how many weeks are in the month. I don't mind it because it pays for groceries. On top of that, I am taking 2 classes(geology and psychology) and working towards my bachelors in actually I have 3 jobs, just that last one...I will have to wait to see the money from it If you need to work an extra will help you! Go for it as long as you don't burn yourself out.
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