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I get to keep the baby I rescued!

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You may remember I posted a few weeks ago about getting an injured kitten out of the road. He got a clean bill of health, but he has a small birth defect in one back leg, he is missing a small muscle. He was not seriuously injured, just a little banged up and bruised. Anyway, I let him meet the others, and they all love him. Even my shy little Pearl will play with him, and snuggle him. I took the pic to put on the flyer, and my s/o said we were going to keep him, because we needed an even number, and Pearl was left out when we had 3 cats. We had called him Stinky before we decided to keep him, because we felt we wouldn't get attatched to something called Stinky, but have now changed his name to Pepe', and is the cartoon Pepe' Le Pew. He sometimes falls backward while in the litterbox, because of his leg, and has not quite gotten the hang of rooming completely, though he is getting better with the others constantly grooming him, or teaching him. I am afraid we will soon have a little naked kitty if everyone keeps grooming him! My s/o sleeps cuddled with Pepe' under his beard most of the night, and he has become the little darling of the household. He looks like a tiny version of Georgia. I am so happy another little lost baby has a furrever home, even if I wasn't exactly planning it to be mine.
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That is so cool! I was telling Laurie that cats and kittens with special needs, are almost always accepted by resident cats. They sense something is wrong and if the cats were brought up in love, they very rarely pounce on the special needs kitty.
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That is such a lovely story, it's wonderful to hear that your other cats have such big hearts too. Do you have any pics of Pepe ?
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Welcome Pepe!!
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Pepe must be so happy, bless you for taking in this little needy guy. Yes, pictures!!

And I completely agree, 4 cats is a very nice number! What? Nawww, me, biased?
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I have been trying for the longest time for my s/o to post some pics for me, or show me how to email them to someone that can, I will try again. I have been on this board for over 2 years, and have never posted a pic of any of my babies. I will tell him the cat ladies are going to start sending him mean emails if he does not get off his butt and do it!
He does not seem to like his name. Every time I call him that, he meows loudly, as if to protest. I may have to think of something else. Not that he will probably answer to whatever I call him.
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What a great story....I love happy endings!!

Yep, get that man of yours to help you out on the pics - we'd love to see some of your gang of 4.
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How wonderfull of you keeping the little guy . He will thank you his life long and will be your little sweetie pie .
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Great that you get to keep Pepe! I think it is a good name!
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I'm so happy for you and Pepe!! Maybe he will be able to bring Pearl out of her shell a little bit? I hope so, it would be great for them to be buddies.
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Glad to hear you were able to get another little one and that he has a safe loving home!

Sad about his little disability, does he get around ok?

And you should post some pictures of the little stinker!
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Yeah, he gets around fine now. He just has a funny litle gait. It is actually very cute, kind of like a little strut. He is looking less like Georgia as he grows. They have similar tabby markings, but she has white paws and bib. He is the same coloring, I am not sure what kind of tabby you would call it. It is black, and brown, with kind of a peachy color and a little white.
Sometimes Pearl will snuggle and bathe him, but sometimes she runs him off. Just being my temperamental little girl, I guess. She has really come out of her shell, and will even come sit on my desk. She never did that before.
He is such a snuggle bug, he thinks someone should hold or cuddle him all the time. He is already SO spoiled, but that's what kittens are for!
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That's so great that you could to keep the little angel!! Pic's would be great! Give him hugs and scritches from me!
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krazy kat, Tailer didn't like her name either (it's Tail). I would call her Tailer as an affectionate name and she would only respond to it so that's her name now.

Maybe he'll like Pep or Peppy or Pepino. Play around with the name. He'll tell you what it should be.
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Bless you for keeping the baby! I'm sure Pepe will feel very loved in your home.
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krazy kat2, I am so happy that you have brought Pepe into your life. I would be happy to walk you through emailing me a pic, or postin a pic whatever you need. Just PM me and we will go from there.
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