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Posting again... They need new homes NOW! Please help!

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Hi!! My name is "Cookie". I am a 2-3 year old medium silky-haired female, already spayed, cat needing an indoor home. I am black w/ a white patch on belly, and intense green eyes. I look a lot like this . My foster mom is always telling me how sweet I am. I was abandoned as a kitten and have been living in the woods ever since. I was so happy that this lady bought "my" house because now I don't have to hunt for food or try to find a warm place to sleep. Unfortunately she cannot keep me as an indoor cat and her neighbors don't like me because I am always in their homes looking for love. Hey, if they don't want me in there they shouldn't leave their door open. Because of this though, I have the neighbors mad and they have told my foster mom to find me a new home or they'll get rid of me for her. She doesn't want to take me to the shelter so I need to find a home SOON! I am extremely sweet and love people but am not to fond of dogs. Children don't bother me as long as they don't try to pull my precious tail or long fur.

There is also a male 12 week old kitten my foster mom is trying to place. Possible medium hair, but it will be silky soft. His name is "Bullet" He is also black but has brown stripes and swirls along w/ a white bib and caramel colored eyes. He is neutered, up to date on shots, and needs a home as quickly as possible. He needs a lot of love and patience. He is warming up to "Mom" but is really timid of people. Not for the first time cat owner. Can you believe it, he actually tolerates foster mom's pup! Kittens these days!!

We are located in Canton, GA.
We do NOT need to go to the same home
Please help us find our furrever homes. Time is running out for us. Daddy is losing his patience.
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Would it be possible for you to take this sweet cat to work with you? Every one of the cats I have taken to work have been adopted right away by wonderful people.
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I am a stay at home mom and my husband is not able to take them to his work. He has asked around and has found someone that is also helping but no takers yet.
My kids are homeschooled so I don't even have that branch to try. I have asked my sons cubscout pack and tried the co-op we attend. I truly feel like no one in GA wants a cat. There are just so many of them. The shelter near me has 40 listed as adoptable and who knows how many that are waiting for an opening in the adoptable area. I have advertised in the paper and the local internet ad sites. I have even had someone so so far as to tell me that I should just take them to the vet and have them PTS, then they would at least go in arms that love them. I have contacted every cat rescue in GA that I could find and all have turned me down because they are to full. I really feel like I am at the end, I don't know where to go from here.
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Add another kitten to the above post!!!!!!!!
Pepsi has had a home picked out for him since he was 8 weeks old but this Sunday the people he was suposed to go with changed their minds. I'm glad in many ways, I had serious doubts since I had been hearing that they really just wanted kittens and after they became cats they were going to let the cats loose at a barn. I ended up asking them some things and letting them know what I thought, and they backed out. I know they thought I was crazy but I just don't see the point in getting a kitten, releasing it when it becomes an adult (and doesn't know how to survive outside) just to get new kittens and start all over.
Pepsi is Bullet's "twin" except he has no swirls, just stripes. He is a very sweet kitten who adores laying in your arms like a baby and having you rub his belly until he falls asleep. He is vey good with children and does love the human touch.
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It sounds like you have already done a lot of work for these cats, and I'm sorry Pepsi's home didn't work out. Is there any way you can build even a temporary outdoor enclosure for Cookie? Until you find her a permanent home? Have you put up fliers at the local vet's offices and grocery stores - with pictures of course.

Also, once you get an adoptee set up, we have an Adoption Agreement up at Save Samoa: http://savesamoa.org/html/rescue.html as the first link on that page. It is very stringent, but it is in Word format so you can change it if it is too stringent for you.

Good luck!! You are really wonderful to help these cats and work so hard for them.
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I do have a temp shelter set up for Cookie (I am using my daughters play yard with plywood over the top) but she's beginning to get nasty about it. She's been in there for a month and she's getting harder to keep in there. She misses being around people all the time. I try to spend as much time with her as I can but between the kittens, momma cat, 5 kids, the dog, school, housework, and the husband..... there will never be enough hours in a day. She doesn't get along with the kittens either and that is where they are going to have to go if I can't find them a home by Thanksgiving. I am going to be gone for 10 days. I have someone who will feed the outdoor cats but no one wants to deal with a litter box, nor do I have anyone who will actually spend time with them either. I do have a possible home again for Pepsi (a really good one and they are willing to sign an adoption agreement) but I don't know what to do with Bullet. Being alone for 10 days is not going to do him any good. There is a pet store just up the road from us that helps find cats a home if they are fixed and UTD on shots. I may look into them for the kittens, if I don't find homes by Thanksgiving. Cookie will stay with me until I find her a home. She does need a home a soon (for my husbands sake) but I am to attached to her to just let her go to any one.
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Pepsi has a new home
He is going to a family that I know well, they go to my church and have been very willing to "obey" my adoption requests. They are getting him for their daughter (who has been begging for years) who is a very resposible and loving girl. The whole family loves animals and they are all excited about some new blood in the family. They still aren't sure what their dog will do but he's so old we really think he will just bark and walk away (that's what he does when he sees outdoor cats). Thankfully Pepsi is so used to a dog being around that we aren't worried about her freaking out. I am just so thrilled that they want him and as an INDOOR cat. Still looking for Bullet but if I can't find him a home by Thanksgiving, this family may watch him for me for the 10 days that I will be gone (I can't leave hime alone!!!!) then maybe they'll fall in love with him and keep him too!!
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Jen that is fantastic news!!! I'm so happy for you and Pepsi!
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