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Anyone heard of "igive"?

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There is an online site called igive that allows you to shop online and each purchase contributes to charities that have signed up for their service. Any online purchase goes to that charity.

If you have an organization that doesn't use this, here's the site. Perhaps you can register them and make some money for your org.


If you shop online and would like to sign up for the shelter that I volunteer for, here is the website to sign up. We are in desparate need of paying off our vet bills for the year and risk not being able to take in more pets without ongoing vet support.

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What a great idea. Thanks for telling us about this.
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The development person at our animal shelter pushed this for a while. I had asked her to follow up and check on the organization before we promoted it, but she didn't. We had a good number of people sign up, then purchase things through the program. We never saw a penny. Questions from the purchasers about payments to the shelter to the igive site were never answered. The shelter never received any the money from the purchases.

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Wow! That is awful. Thanks for letting us know so that we don't do business through them.
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Thank you for the info on this. It really ticks me off that there are sites claiming the money will go somewhere when it doesn't.
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Momofmany. How long has your organization worked with this company? It sounds like a good way to make some extra money for the shelter & I was going to talk to our director about signing up our shelter & I would even over see it, but if the shelter won't actually see any money I won't bother. I'd also like to know if anyone else has had this experience.
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We just signed up recently and don't have much experience with it. If others are having problems, I won't bother pushing it. Thanks for the heads up!
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I'd be interested to hear if you have better luck than we did.

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Checked into this a bit further. I hadn't heard of it until recently because our Humane society hadn't been signing folks up. They did start using this in 1999 and have received regular payments thru last year. They had not heard of any issues with using it.
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I am currently a member of Igive. I found out about this page from my local animal shelter. They have the IGive information on their web site. I have made just a few purchases from IGive and have raised about $20 for my shelter.
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I'm glad to hear it's working at other shelters. I'm not sure why there was an issue at the shelter here, but I do know no funds were ever received.

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I did some shopping right before Thanksgiving and my purchases logged to our shelter. Igive even sent an e-mail to the shelter lead to let them know that folks were actively purchasing and I generated enough donations to get a cat neutered (woohoo). Of course I spent the most at Barnes and Noble, who doubled their donation rate as of Friday (of course I bought on Tuesday).
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