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Tidy Cat!

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OMG I have been using Fresh Step and I ended up with $1.00 off coupons for Tidy Cat so I bought some. It is very "perfumed" yuck, does the smell get mellower? Does it really help with Multiple Cat's because that is what I am looking for and Tidy Cat is a whole lot cheaper than what I was using. I would rather go cheaper on the litter so I can spend the extra on other kitty extras hehe.
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I've used Tidy cat for years and really don't notice the perfume odor, but then again haven't had much to compare it to since I haven't used many others. I think it does smell a bit stronger when you first put it in the pan.
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Ryelee'sMom , there are 2 different type of Tidy cat scooping litter . One what is the strong smelly one and the other with out the strong smell . I believe the one with out the strong smell come's in a blue container and the smelly one is I think more red . You really need to read what it says on the front of the container . I also take Tidy cat but I use the odorlees one .
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