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How to keep his teeth clean?

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Do I need to worry about Zero's teeth being clean? I don't want them to rot or anything. What can I do to ensure proper gum and tooth health?
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You can buy a special toothbrush that fits on the end of your finger, and liver or chicken flavored toothpaste and start brushing your cat's teeth. I have never done this, but I know many cat owners who do. I feed my ferals raw chicken wings once a month to keep their teeth healthy.
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My vet sells a gel that I use instead of trying to brush their teeth or use a finger brush (I just would get bit...ouch!), you put a bit of the gel on your finger, insert between the cheek and upper teeth and rub on, do once for both sides, just the upper teeth, each day.

Or...Wysong makes a special powder for dental care that you can sprinkle on their food. Called Dentatreat, it's for both dogs and cats.

Or <G>, there are tartar control treats, including one by PetGuard that is actually certified organic...tasty, crunchy treats can help with tartar control.

Or (somebody stop me as Jim Carrey would say) there is a prescription food (by Hills I believe, I think it is Hills T/D) which is also for dental health.

that concludes my memory dump on this topic <G>,

feeling silly,
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Thanks for all the info!!
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I have a finger brush and am semi-successful with brushing. amber pulls her head back and pinches close her lips. I can kind of get in but can only do a swipe or two. its a good thing she likes the paste.

Mags is on anti-biotics cause his gums were red and inflamed. poor baby
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What you can do to keep the cats teeth clean is to start brushing his teeth. You can buy cat toothpaste at the pet store and they come in different flavors your cat will like. Also, tartar control treats help alot and kibbles do a great job on cleaning cats teeth.
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A bit off topic here; Hissy, this is probably a stupid question, but do you just use the chicken wings from the grocery store? I guess you would have to take the skin off before giving it to the ferals? Any other preparation before offering it to them? I'd like to give them as a treat for my ferals, and just want to make sure I'm doing everything right.
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Please be very careful if you decide to brush your cats' teeth. Definitely use the cat toothbrushes only, Qtips, or those teethbrushing wipes. Brush them lightly, as their gums are extremely tender. I brush mine 1x a day.
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We brush Tiki's teeth (she has gingivitis)...

She wasn't too keen on the gel at first (or being held for the process), but now she literally attacks the toothbrush to get the poultry-flavored stuff.

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Oreo really does not mind getting his teeth brushed. He sits on my lap, and with out much of a hastle, let me brush his teeth. I give him abit of wet food as a treat once we are done.
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