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Zero... stop eating the furniture!

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I didn't think kittens were supposed to eat wood! When I confronted him about it, he wasn't willing to hear my side... wasn't pretty!
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Is Zero looking for some fiber in his diet? LOL cute pics!!
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oh how funny
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Zero is a cutie pie. Love his little blue softpaws
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LOL! Zero is so cute, and I just love that last pic...that's the one where it looks like he's about to start eating your camera!
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I know with the ferals when they eat bark and tree limbs they do it for roughage in their diet. When I started adding mashed cooked green beans to their food, they quit eating our trees.
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He doesn't usually try to eat our furniture, we just got him so riled up!

And in the last pic, he basically was trying to attack the camera!
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well I could see on the ears he was in a play mood , and I never took the eating part serious
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That was such a FUNNY sequence! The last shot really looks like the picture taker should be running for her life... I know, why is it that they're not interested in our side of things?

I was just thinking that mine sometimes look just like that when riled up, so it was funny to see you confirm that he was! Airplane ears and all!
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Originally posted by superkitty
Airplane ears and all!
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Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

QUICK!!!! I would feed that cat before it eats ya

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Now I feel better because Spike does that sometimes (chew at my wood furniture)! Now I know that I am not the only one with a cat who does that sometimes.

Cute pics!!
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nice pics... but did u guys notice in the first pic that zero has got blue nails????
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Yep, those are softpaws. They're covers for his nails so he doesn't scratch people or furniture.
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Cute pictures! He must be teething!

Love the blue soft paws!
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He's about six months old, would he still be teething at that age?
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Yes, I'm pretty sure he would be.
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I took a look in his mouth while he was actually being good (for once) and I saw one of his little teeth still coming through. And he doesn't usually chew on stuff like this, we just riled him up so much. His real love is to chew on PAPER!
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