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Whiskers singed... will they grow back?

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Well this happened a week ago I believe. Zero got on the table when we had a candle going and he singed his whiskers before we could get him away... are they going to grow back or what? It's slightly funny but I feel sorry for him!
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that's happened to Patches before and yes they will
grow back it just takes a long time
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I really don't know the answer to this...but I think it needs to be in this forum...I hope it is okay that I moved it for you...you will get much better advice from people who know more on this subject here.
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Actually yeah, thanks for the move!

Also, a couple of his whiskers seem to be bent, what's with that?
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It means he stuck his head in a hole that was to small and his whiskers bent.

I would caution you to not burn candles unless they are inside of something like a glass globe though. One swipe of a tail, or paw, and your home could go up in flames, or your cat could get worse than burnt whiskers.
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I agree. I havent burned candles since I got the cats because I'm afraid they will get too curious and stick their faces in the lit fire
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Candles are taboo around here, too. The whiskers will grow back. One of my nephews got a hold of a pair of scissors (!) when he was a toddler, and he trimmed the cat's whiskers (!! - no, it wasn't under my supervision, nor was it our cat). It took a few weeks, but they grew back okay.
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I only use jars or covered candle holders now. I had a bunch of candles burning on my coffe table once, and it was one of the few times Fred ever ran across it, end to end. He got his tummy hair singed a bit, he did not get any skin burned. I think I probably scared him worse by screaming, than the little bit of singed tummy hair. No more cat fires here!
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Yes they will! Our cats constantly get singed whiskers, b/c of the bbq outside (yes we still bbq when it there is snow on the ground!), it is warm there, so they think the closer I get to the bbq the warmer it is! As a result, you have a few (well all of them) that have shorter whiskers! lol Shorty did it once with a candle, that was on the counter, where she knows that she isn't supposed to be on, but she went up anyways, and we didn't know she was there. She got a pawful of wax/fire, and her whiskers singed, and eyebrow whiskers, and she hasn't really touched it since. We don't have candles going a lot here, but she knows and wants to "explore" it a bit. But they grow back, and they learn their lesson that the counter is not a place to go on to! hard way to learn but.....what can ya do?
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I'm glad Zero didn't get burned. Ours was on the table also where he knows he's not supposed to be. And I wasn't there, but I believe it was only unsupervised for a short time. He probably followed the smell.
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