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Woman With 100 House Pets Guilty of Cruelty

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This is local to me. The manager of the SPCA where we volunteer did some of the investigation. "Our" SPCA will now be able to find homes for the 30 cats and 3 dogs from this house that they were holding pending the outcome of the trial. (There are 3 SPCA's in the county and they shared the task of caring for these animals while the trial dragged on for about a year.)

Montco Woman With 100 House Pets Guilty of Cruelty

A Montgomery County woman with more than 100 house pets has been found guilty of cruelty to animals.

Janet Jones has been ordered to pay a hefty fine to the SPCA after about a hundred cats, ten dogs and a turtle were discovered living in filthy conditions in her Hatfield, Pa. home.

Many of the cats were diseased, some carrying feline AIDS. Animal waste was covering the floors and the walls of the home.

But the most gruesome discovery in a raid by SPCA agents was a standup freezer filled with the bodies of dead cats. One rotting carcass was found under a TV set.

Judge Albert Subers ordered Jones to pay the SPCA $45,600 for the care of the surviving animals. SPCA attorney David Beeghley says the agency has incurred substantial expenses over more than a year:

"Well, there were 96 cats and nine dogs and they've received $6,000 worth of veterinary care. And they've had room and board since September 13th, 2002."

About 88 cats still live. They'll be put up for adoption.
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how awfull

How in the world was the woman able to breath in that house ? That must have stunk in the hole neighbourhood , eeewwww .

I am so disgusted eww.

I just feel sorry for so many who did not make it and had to die of who knows what . She may have never gone to a vet the way how it reads . So she had to let the animals all suffer in my eyes .
What ??? No jail time at all ???
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I know, she should have gotten jail time. But at the very least, these dogs and cats that have been held at the SPCA for a year now can finally find homes. I am glad that the animals will have a happy ending, finally.
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i think that about covers it....and i agree: No JAIL TIME?!!! she kept dead cats in her freezer for crying out loud!
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This story has "Hoarder" written all over it. Most hoarders think they are doing the right thing but are really not. I think she needs psychological treatment, not necessarily jail. She's obviously obsessive compulsive.
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Talked with the shelter manager today: The woman is appealing to the PA State Supreme Court. She has hired an "expert" to say that she has turned her life around and now has a clean, cat-safe home. She is paying this "expert" quite a sum to say this. If this appeal fails, she can appeal to the Circuit Court...all the way up to the US Supreme Court!!! She obviously has $$$ to afford all these legal bills. Too bad she never used it to TAKE CARE OF HER ANIMALS!!!
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That woman make me sick and realy
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i don't think hoarder, sounds like a sick **** to me.
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There are many unfprtunate stories such as this. It is indeed, in most of the cases a bad mental contition. These people "collect" pets like they collect stuff. Indeed, she should be locked up with mental treatment. Because if they let her off the hook now - she will only do it again. Its a sickness that doesn't go away.
Thats a horrible story about it, by the way, Im quite shocked...!
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how sick!! why do ppl like this have animals in the first
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That's sick. I hope she can never own animals again and that she gets some serious help.
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i cant imagine what chaos went on in that house of horrors

truly shocking. that's such a large number
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