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Snow cat

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Cheyanne took about 4 step's in the snow and jumped right back inside!!
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looks like she got cold paws , what a cute picture .
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lol...I let Daisey out on the balcony last yeat in the snow....she took like 3-4 steps out in it...then looked at me as if to say 'you trying to be funny'...and she bolted back in I took it she didn't like the snow!!
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That's funny!! I've taken almost all of my kitties out and plopped them in the snow, over the years, and NONE of them have liked the snow...

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She hates it! If she does go out she runs right back in and sit in frount of the pellet stove!
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LOL I could just see that!! "Mommy, what the H**L is that?!?"

Hmmm, I wonder how mine would react to snow, but we don't ever get any.
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Brrr..cold!First time out in the snow?
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Shasta's response the first time was "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" and thereafter, "Oh, this junk again -- haven't I told you it's not allowed?"

All other cats have surveyed it with puzzlement, and stayed inside -- with one exception: Gryphon. He discovered snow when he was about 7 years old, and his immediate response was "Where have you BEEN all my life???" He wasn't put off in the least -- prowled around, walked over it, through it, lay down in it, you name it. He was in his element!
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LOL! That is a beautiful picture though. The white background. Sooo pretty!
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No she is 8 years old I think she forget's over the summer! LOL Every winter it's the same shock.
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Wow that looks like a lot of snow to me! We have the stuff about once in ten years or so. I don't blame her for wanting to come back in real quick that looks cccooolllllddddd to me
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My old cat Toby would insist on going outside with me in the snow when I needewd to shovel the deck. He'd step into the snow, lift his paw and shake it free of snow, then take another step do the same thing and so on. He was hysterical to watch - even though he hated it he wouldn't turn back until I went in myself.

Cats and snow - very funny.
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Just shows us how domesticated cats really are! My daughter used to have a taco bell dog named Sparky. Sparky didn't like the snow either. He'd go out to make his business and would do it right in front of the porch then run back in! It was funny to watch him go outside to do his duty! And half the time the snow was deeper then he was tall!
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I had a yorkie and she hated the snow also,she would jump off the step's and would disapear!!(I had a coat for her of she would't go out!)
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No snow here in FL, but this reminds me of the time I decided to play a trick on Zero. He was going through a phase of bolting to the door. So I waited until it was raining quite a bit and opened the door wide! He ran out and was like YIKES!! I wish my car was in the garage, but it wasn't so he got under it. But after a few seconds he bolted right back in the door.

He doesn't try to bolt out so much anymore. I hope he learned his lesson !
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heehee! Sherral that's the cutest picture!

My dogs think snow is icky but my kitties have never been init.
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I have no snow here!!!Can somebody send some over for meow meow to play??
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Cute picture!

Last winter Lucy would jet to the door when we opened it if there was snow on the ground.

One day the mailman came to the door for a delivery that had to be signed. I opened the door and Lucy jetted out into the yard full of snow - I was just wearing socks so the poor mailman started running around the yard chasing her. I was panicking and said oh, please just grab her. Finally he caught her, picked her up and put her in my arms. Whew was that scary and funny! She seemed to like it though, silly girl!
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