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Meet Gambit

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I don't think I've ever posted any pictures of Gambit. So here are a few.

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awwwwwww what a cutie....such a beautiful little face
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Aww he's adorable! Love the white chest, belly and paws!
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Gambit sure is a cute kitty. The last picture is great!! He has such a cute face.

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Gambit looks like a cat I had when I was little called Rerun. Love the colors!
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What a cutie pie he is and what a sweet face . He also got very beautiful markings in his fur .
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What a pretty kitty, and what lovely eyes!! I agree, the white chin and chest are adorable.
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Gambit looks a bit like my Tigger. He sure looks like a mellow little guy. What a sweetie-pie!!
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He's kyewt... and what a cool name!
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Awwwww he looks like a RB kitty I used to have named Thomas I miss him he was a sweetie. So now I will have to be content with looking at the most handsome Gambit
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What a beautiful cat! I like the one where Gambit is sleeping with his head on the phone! It would make a good addition to the "caption this" forum.
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Awwww what a honey
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Gambit is such a cutie I love the picture of him looking out from under the clothes, like...who me?
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Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I'll relay them to Gambit, which I'm sure will feed his ever growing ego. But please don't let that face fool you, he's not that sweet or mellow most of the time; he's probably more devil-cat than anything. He just knows how to look really cute when he wants to, sigh. But nevertheless, we adore him.
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I never would have guessed by his sweet face that he can be a little mischief . He just don't look like one lol
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He's such a nice looking cat and he really does have a cute face. He looks so innocent peeking out of the laundry basket! I also like the one of him sleeping on the cordless phone. What would happen if it rang though?
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He has a sweet little face!
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Aw! Gambit is gorgeous!
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