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Off to the vet

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My dog Daisy is not doing too well. When I took her into the vet last month for her yearly checkup, she was having skin problems. The vet thought she may have been developing a staph infection and wanted me to watch it. She's just gotten worse since then. All the fur on her throat is gone, along with a lot of fur on her tummy. She's got some nasty sores on her throat too. Hopefully the vet can help her. Also, she's still having so many problems with ticks, even using Frontline. I just feel so bad for her. I wish she could be a house dog, but that's out of the question.

Anyway, I'm bringing her to Austin with me and the kids today. I haven't told my mother (who's so allergic) so I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see her. But I can't leave her here when she's feeling poorly.

I'll try to post the vet's report before I leave on my trip.
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Sorry to hear about your dog. Hope all gos well with her.
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Eeeps! I hope she gets well soon Dawn! I hope things go over well in Austin too... good luck with her.. and your mother with the whole allergy thing

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Well, an hour and $110 later, Daisy has been diagnosed with an allergy related staph infection. She's on anitbiotics twice a day and benedryl twice a day. They did tons of tests (expensive) on the poor dog, including a couple skin scrapings (ouch). The vet thinks she's allergic to pollen and this will be a problem for the rest of her life. Of course, if my husband would let her live inside, it wouldn't be such a problem.

But at least she's on some medicine now. Of course I have to take her to Austin now that she needs so much medication. Doug would never be comfortable giving it to her.
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Oh Dawn, I am so SORRY to hear this is happening to you and your dog!!!!
I know how husbands can be, beleive me...even though we love them dearly, they can be so dang insensitive when it comes to our pets!!!
I am fortunate that Brent developed such a liking for Merlin, else he would be outside too. And he has already complained several times about the two, 1-week old babies I have in the computer room on a heating pad, that I am bottle feeding.

I wish you could keep Daisy inside, but since you can't, I am sure she will get all the care she needs from you outside.
As for the ticks...I live on a farm, infested with ticks, and before I put frontline in my dog's ear's every month, there will be 30-40 ticks just in one ear alone!!!!!!!!!!! But as soon as the liquid goes on.....a day later....NO ticks!!! I swear by it!!!!
Do you have the right frontline for her weight? And do you make sure to put it way down beneath the hair, onto the actual skin?
I'm sure you do...I am just so amazed this product doesn't work for you, so I had to ask.
I hope Daisy will be okay!!!!!!! Keep us posted!!!!!!!
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Dear Billie :angel2:

Hey there, sorry to hear about your pup But, hey, at least you know what it is and how to treat it...the best thing that I've found is keeping him medically treated...the consistancy is where it's at! Please don't get complacent (no disrespect intended of course)once you see it's going away. He still has it, it's just not flaring up.
One time my kitty Sharky had ear mites and I didn't finish the meds cause he wasn't shaking his head anymore. He HATEDme putting that medicine in his ears! So, I saw that he was relieved, but the darn things came back and poor Sharky (due to my @#%#@% stupidity) had to treat him again. This time, thank God, it was much easier because he wasn't quite as infested as when I got him from the pound...so, I learned my lesson. Just passin it along.
I wish you the best of luck sweetie...keep us posted
Love & :angel2:
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How is she doing Dawn?

Debby, do you put the frontline inside the dog's ears as well as on the back? How many drops and where exactly (on the flap or inside, like an ear medicine?).
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I have Daisy here at my parents house with me. They have a house that backs up to a greenbelt and have just wild trees and plants in the back yard. There are lots of deer and other wild animals. I have Daisy tied up in the back on a nice long lead, and she's really enjoying the different sights and smells.

Her skin looks like it's improving. The sores have healed up for the first time in a month, and she's not nearly as itchy. Of course, I'll keep her on the medication for the next two weeks. I'm just encouraged to see her healing after spending that much money.

My husband found out how much I spent and just said that the kids and I wouldn't be doing anything for the next few weeks to make up for the cost. Sometimes he can be such a butt. Like he never spends any money. Oh well...
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Oh Dawn, I am so sorry to hear your hubby is being such a butt. I know exactly how you feel!!!! I try to keep the vet costs a secret from mine, or else he would flip out on me!!
Anne....I reread my last post, and I had worded it differently than I meant it...I meant that my dog has tons of ticks in his ears, and when I put the frontline on him (not in his ears) they are gone in day or two. I just squeeze the whole vial onto the skin, down deep into the hair ( I part the hair, and find the skin first) between his shoulder blades. It works great!!!!!!!!!!!! It also kills fleas!!!!
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Daisy's skin is all healed up and her fur is growing back! I'm so thrilled.

She had a great time in Austin and really enjoyed the change in scenery. I wanted to take her swimming at the lake, but couldn't because I had just applied another dose of Frontline. Maybe next time. She was a great passenger in the car, better than the kids. I enjoyed rubbing her velvety ears as I was driving down the freeway. What a great dog!
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Dear Dawn :angel2:

Wow! What great news : Please keep us up to date on Daisy's progress

Take care!

Love & Peace,
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I am so glad Daisey is doing so well now!!
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Dawn; I just found and read this whole thread. I am so thrilled that Daisy is improving. You are a very good pet guardian to be this concerned and vigilant despite your husbands "disgruntled personality". Thank you for setting such an excellent example for your children.

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Thanks guys! I really do feel kinda bad for my husband. He's not really a true animal person. He likes them, but he's not as enthralled with them as I am. I found Daisy at the pound last year and couldn't just leave her there (I'm sure you understand). Since he's the only one working, and money is always tight, he gets a bit frustrated when I spend so much making sure they're healthy. I know he wants all the animals to be happy and healthy, and I know he loves them, he's just really stressed about providing for our family. I just try to make sure the kids and I make sacrifices for the health of the animals. Besides, we don't need to be eating all that fast food anyway!
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Just found and read this post. I'm so happy for your doggie. It's wonderful that you and the kids are willing to make sacrifices for the animals.

I can understand your husband's feelings. I'm sure he works very hard to make a living for his family and it's hard for some people to think of animals as part of the family. At least he lets you have the animals and evidently doesn't raise too much fuss over the vet bills.

My hubby and I have several people who tell us that we should be treating our kitties like cats instead of people. We, of course, listen and then ignore everything they say.

Anyway, I found your story heartwarming. Thanks for sharing.
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