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Kitty Gym!!

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Because my beloved furr ball Daisey was weighing in at 14 lbs...we had gotten her a 'kitty gym'! to get some exercise....but of course like most of us when we buy home gym equipment...the novelty wears off and it just starts to gather dust lol!! Once in a while she will walk past and swat some of the toys...but that's it!! Lazy Kitty!!

But I just thought that toy was funny and had to post a pic
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Daisey is adorable! What a pretty girl. Thank you for the review! And for showing a picture of it all put together, since the one on the box is a drawing.

I was about to buy one (can NEVER have too many useless toys) but mine would probably treat it the same way Oh wait, I have a kitten, wonder if Pixie would like it? Have to put it away when I'm not supervising, there seems to be a lot of dangley stuff?
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It looks like fun. Em would like it for about 20 mins and then break it or something Maybe he'll get from from grandma for christmas or something.
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wow a gym for kitties . I never really have seen one . I wonder if my crew would like that . Great pictures , thanks for sharing with us .
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I saw those at Walmart and almost bought one but thought they'd get bored with it after a short time. After seeing your pic, I'm thinking the kittens would have a large time with it for at least a couple of months.

Thanks for posting the pic!! Your Daisy is a sweet girl!
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That gym looks pretty cool, but Daisy doesn't look like she needs to lose weight. She looks like a nice, healthy kitty to me.
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Great pic of Daisey, we have the same gym. Ryelee broke the first toy off in about 2 minutes and then the pegs got broke off the bottom ball tube, but now both kitties love the bottom part with the balls so much. I just removed the "gym" part and they are in Heaven with it hehe.
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Daisey is very cute... and spoiled! Glad to see it! I love those kitty gyms!
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The kitty gym looks like fun but I don't know if it will survive my cats. WHAT AM I SAYING? Those toys are not even sold here!
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Oh my gosh, thats so funny. It seems my cats only go for catnip or "manual" (meaning I have to do all the work!) type of toys.
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