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Part Bengal?

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The last time we took our kitten to the vet, our vet mentioned that he didn't look like a "standard tabby"--her words, and she thought he could possibly be part bengal. I know that it's impossible to tell without knowing his parentage.
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Here's another picture:
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I do not think that your kitty is part Bengal. Bengals have spots as opposed to lines. You kitty is a brown classic tabby and white. Classic tabbies have bulls eyes on the sides as well as a butterfly on their shoulder blades, which your kitty has.

It may have been the coloring that threw your vet off. The back view shows that he is a very warm brown whereas most brown classic tabbies have more black.

He is very pretty though...I breed pretty much all tabbies so I adore them!!!!!
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Thanks for replying.

We doubted the possibility, but couldn't figure out why the vet would say it.

His coloring is gorgeous, in fact it was the first thing that drew me to him. In the right lighting he looks almost golden.
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Pretty cat! The swirly pattern is called a 'marble' tabby. Definately no Bengal in there, but he looks like a sweetie
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Not all bengals have spots. We have 3 marbled bengals.
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The shoulders look like a marble bengal's pattern. But a marble bengal's pattern flows horizontally, not in a swirl or bullseye. Also, as kittens they are two colours, the ground colour and the dark brown or black markings. As the bengal develops the center of the dark colour "drops out" and a third midrange colour is revealed.
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......and my Loki another marble..
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Here is Winnie's pattern
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And, here is Minnie's (Minnie is the snow)
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Looks like they're going to pull the blinds down!

And as a side note: Nicole I know you're reading this because you reading every post with the word "bengal" in the title! I saw your website up through Cattery Row. Looking good! I love your silver male!
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This cat is an awesome marble! Check it out!

Not mine, from Abundadots
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HI Lynx,

I think I looked at it before. I have not been reading much here. I have to get back to coming here. We have a marble male he is on our stud page. My marble female can't stand to have her picture taken. Such a silly girl! Here is a picture of my marble girls mom. Thanks for checking out my site. Silver is not ready to breed yet but I hope soon. With a marble as someone pointed out I think a more horizontal pattern is what we look for in the show ring.
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