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Do you have a broadband PC connection?

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This has recently become available in our area, and yesterday Deutsche Telekom informed us that we'd have it in two weeks (I ordered a "package" with a splitter, modem and volume rate). I hope it's worth the extra cost. I don't download much, but spend a lot of time reading online newspapers (for my job) and browsing forums (for fun).
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It's not just downloading, it basiclly speeding up the internet no matter what you are doing. Trust me, once you have it you will be like "how did I ever live without it"
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I have had it about a year - best thing have done in ages - download music in seconds - movies etc as well as being able to watch video clips also in seconds. You wont regret it - what speed is it? If over 56k you are onto a winner!
Best wishes

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Once you go broadband, you'll never go back!
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I just got cable internet too. I spend a lot of time on the internet for work, doing research, and it is amazing the difference it makes. Because sites are so graphics heavy these days, it takes a long time to just open some sites.

An added bonus is for looking at threads here, and uploading stuff to websites.
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I love the speed for sites. I love that my phone line isn't tied up. But the best part is the download speed for email. I used to hate when people sent me attachments. Sometimes I'd be there forever just waiting for some stupid picture that wasn't worth the 30 minutes it took to get it from the server to my computer. I LOVE broadband.
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As far as speed is concerned, it just says, "up to 768 KB /s", so it will definitely be faster than our current 56K modem. I'm probably a bit too patient as far as speed is concerned - we were "online" back in the 80s with the old Btx/videotex - you actually had to dial a phone number manually to go online, and it took ages for a page to appear on the screen (of course, the monitors were black and green or black and amber, and the computers still had a slit for floppy disks!)
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I had DSL high speed for about a year and a half, now I've switched to Cable. I think they're about the same, although I found DSL to be just a tad bit faster.
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I love it I will never go back to dial up.
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I just got DSL about a week and ago and don't know how I lived without it. Love the speed!!
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I got cable back in march or so and I really don't know how I lived without it.. Until then it as 14.4 dial up.. ugh.. And this is actually just a few dollars more than the dial up considering we don't need an extra phone line now..
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Love it will never go back to dial up!
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I've had my cable modem for around 3 years and it's the Greatest!!
I hate to say it, but I'm spoiled now and can't stand it when I have to work on a dial-up computer.

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We have charter cable and dial up right now YUK!
but were going to get the charter internet soon
I can't wait!! cause dial up sucks
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I love my cable modem. I don't think I could ever go back to dial-up. And to think - I remember how exciting upgrading to my old 14.4 modem was.
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I love our DSL! Would never go back to dial up!
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Im stuck on a 28.8K. Not the fastest, but at least its something
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Dear JCat,

I have a Mac so I not sure what you are talking about. I do have DSL and I like it.

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DSL. Don't know how we lived without it. Lovely as the speed is, I think it's the phone line not being tied up that I appreciate more than anything.
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Dial Up over here isn't even slow. Music downloads in about a minute and the pages on TCS, you don't even have to wait to see, but we brought a really good modem. I love dial up!(I live in NZ..)
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I love broadband too, I will never habe dial up again!
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Got 2mb broadband which I've had for four years now

Hate it when I have to and work with customers on dial up now as it seems soooo slow
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I've got seven dollar a month dial up with 26,400 bps connection

But it LIES I tell you.

That sucker doesnt move more than 1000 bps. No it doesnt. Usually less.... sometimes it STOPS.


But at least I have internet.
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i think we are in the year 2005... not 2003..
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Well, pooh! Somebody should start a new one! It would be an interesting statistic!
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