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Sandpaper Kisses

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He lived in a little
Wooden house with
Nary a little mouse.
Cissy was his reward
In things adored.

She even caused his anger
To be dismissed,
In the gentleness of
Her sandpaper kiss.

And then there's the little one,
Who lives down the street.
Their little kerosene heater,
Provides very little heat.

But Harry is a big warm furry bliss,
When he curls up beside,
He gives a sandpaper kiss.

There are few things in the world,
More sincere than this,
The warm dewy feel of
A sandpaper kiss.

Cats give hope for the truth
Of many wishes,
When they give us those gentle
Sandpaper kisses.

Copyright © 2000 by Poet & Author, Joyce Rogers

P.S. If you would like to have an 8x10 copy of this poem,
personally autographed by the author,let me know.
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Catz....... your peom was absolutely beautiful and how true!
Sandpaper kisses seem to make the world a lot more tolerable.
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Hi catz,,

That was a really nice poem, my Felix sometimes gives me sandpaper kisses on my leg, when hes waiting for his food.

From Jenna and Felix

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Thank you for sharing your lovely poem! Welcome to The Cat Site! I'll send you a private message, as I'd love to have a copy of that poem.


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Catz; Thank You for posting this darling poem. Also, welcome to TCS! My "Sandpaper Kisser" is MoMo (that Monster Boy) He is my Monster of Love. . . . (although lately; I hear he is saving his kisses for Michaela Kristin Haran. . . )
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What a lovely poem. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the catsite.
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Sandpaper kisses make the world a better place for all I know. Thank you - it's a beautiful poem. I've copied it and placed it on my fridge to look at every day!
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