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Bored? Play my game.

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I have been working on a game for the office, kind of an adventure game to get to know the company.

Let me know what you think.

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That is terrific! I loved the "disco" hehe had me cracking up.
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I had fun playing it!
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I played it, and I finished it, which is something amazing for me. I'm not that great at games, but at least on this one, you don't have to be fast. I loved taking my guy to the bathroom and watching the toilet flush when he was done. Very cute.
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It was very good. I loved it! Good work
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It wouldn't load for me. I tried twice....waited for ages and it still hadn't reached half way on the bar... but it isn't the link, just my dang slow dial up connection I am sure. I saved the link so I can try it again, it sounds really fun!!!
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That was great!! Very good work..

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Disco ? what Disco ? I must not have done something right . But it is fun to walk the little guy around and I also like the bathroom
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Dangit! I want to take the little guy to the bathroom!!! I am going to try again later...why won't it load for me????? *stomps feet and pitches a fit* and by the way...I love disco....I have GOT to see this game now!!!!!!! I will log on tomorrow and try again...I think I am in a high traffic time period and dial up just can't handle it. *sigh*
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I just play the game to the end , now that was so much fun . Thanks for sharing with us
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