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Why do cats love catnip?

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My maine coon loves to rub his nose in catnip and kneed at the floor. My new cat does exactly the same thing...does anyone know the story behind this herb?

After staying at my boyfriend's house and taking car of his father's farm, I left a bouquet of different wildflowers from their immense garden. When they arrived home, they couldn't figure out why their cats wouldn't get off the kitchen table.

Yep, I included fresh catnip in my floral arrangement. I don't think I will ever live it down- they think it is hysterical!
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I have read that it affects the same parts of a cat's brain that pot does to humans (so why do some humans like that herb and others avoid it?). I have cats that love it and cats that could care less about it. Some smell it and start drooling, some rub their faces in it, others will eat it, and others walk away. I usually use fresh catnip, as it grows wild in the fields around my house. They don't usually react as strongly to the dry than they do the fresh.
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I understand too that it is to cats like pot is to humans. I know Toes acts like that.
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So how old is a cat supposed to be before he starts reacting to the stuff? Someone said on the site but I forget. Zero's around six months now...
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Patches never cared for it much and still doesen't
haven't gave any to Alley yet
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