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Update on my new baby, Charlie.

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Thanks so much to all of you who assured me that Charlie would eventually come around. For those of you who haven't read my previous posts, I adopted a 3 year old cat who was left in a closet for 2 1/2 years and he a bit bashful now.

I have Charlie secluded in my 12' by 14' bedroom. I was at first very concerned because he wouldn't come out from under the bed and I had to administer liquid antibiotics for his gum infection (which is now much better-and less smelly). I gently coaxed him out after petting him for a while and he took his medication easily. I follow up with a little bowl of the Whiska's treat milk as a reward.

He loves to be pet and I've groomed him about 3 or 4 times already. Last night, he jumped into my bed and slept between Jeremy and I. After a while of petting, Jeremy placed him on the floor. He jumped back up a few minutes later and regained his spot or the next few hours.

He is turning into such a wonderful pet. His vet appointment is Tuesday and I am interested in what my vet has to say about him even though he is up to day with his shots and tests. After I get the ok from the vet, I am going to introduce him to my maine coon who is also a 3 year old male.

I will post updated pictures soon. As for now, this is Charlie a few weeks ago in the shelter.

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I am glad that things are improving and they will continue to do so.
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That is terrific news. Glad to hear Charlie is doing so well. I was concerned he was going to have socialization issues because of his background.
Good for you and Charlie
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I'm so glad he's doing well!!!
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Yipee for Charlie!! You are wonderful for taking this baby in!!
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That is good news! Like everyone else, I was worried about possible problems considering his background. This is coming along quicker than I thought, and I'm so glad for you.
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Alright! I love it when they sleep on the bed with you. I am always so careful not to push them off.
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Yay!! Happy to hear he is getting along well. I am so glad he has a nice loving home now! Thanks for adopting Charlie!
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Oh I am so happy to hear that Charlie is better!! Such wonderful news
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I'm a bit late here, but I'm so glad Charlie is adjusting so well! He sounds like a real lover.
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Kinda late.. but I'm glad that Charlie is adjusting well in your home.
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