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Hello Cat Site!

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a cat with excema? We have tried Dermasol, Cortizone 10, wasing with Dial soap,Aloe vera and vitamin E oil to no avail.Any possible ideas are appreciated.
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Welcome to the site Raina! I'm glad you found us here.

I'm going to move your introduction to the New Cats on the Block Forum where you can get a "proper" TCS welcome!
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Welcome to the board! You will love it here!
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Sorry I ave no answer for you . I just want to welcome you here on this wonderful cat site
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Have you tried going to a vet? They have special shampoos for different skin conditions. You should not give them human shampoo as some of them have chemicals that are potentially harmful.
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Hi - and welcome!

I have a friend who battled with her kitten's excema for ages and the only thing that worked was homeopathic remedies. I would say try a homeopathic approach. Good luck!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

Human shampoos/soaps aren't good for cats. I get dry skin from dial soap (don't use that). You probably need a medicated soap from your vet.
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Omega 3 fatty acid supplement.
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Haven't had any experience with your skin problem, but it does sound like you're trying a bunch of different things. Perhaps the remedies are aggravating the original problem? The above suggestions by everyone sound good.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!

I would suggest checking with your vet concerning your kitties skin problem.

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Hi and welcome to TCS.

I would also check with your vet first. Human soaps and shampoos aren't good for cats. There are both Western and Eastern approaches to medicines as well as Back-to - Basics homeopathic techniques.

It could be a range of things causing the skin problems.

One question - are you using plastic dishes? If so its generally a better to use a ceramic or stainless steel dishes.
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Welcome Raina_Stardust!
The others have given excellent advice!I cannot add any more!
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If you use human shampoo to wash an animal use baby shampoo so it is mild for them.
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Welcome and hello

My vet suggested using an anti-histamine for my cats flaky skin. You can call your vet and purchase some for them if they think that is the route to go.
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First of all, welcome tot he site. As a newbie myself, I have found it very helpful and everyone is so cool. As for the eczema, one of my kitties has a dandruff problem. The vet told me to rub a little olive oil on his coat every once in awhile. It has seemed to work. I don't know if this would work for you or not.
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