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Make your own Snowflake

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Check this out:

took me a while to figure it out but it's so cute after I got it down. Just start by clicking on the outside edge (when the dot is green not red) and then start clicking away. To cut off go back to another place on the outside edge.. Fun fun
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That was fun!

My first attempt is here: #469115 by Kass! Second snowflake with more detail is here: #469138 also by Kass, and third snowflake with even more detail #471213.

I think I'm addicted! Thanks for sharing the site!

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That is so cool! But then, snowflakes are some of my favorite things. Some of those in the gallery are amazing!!!
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This is addictive!
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That site is sooo cool. I could cut flakes all day
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Oooo I love this! I always make paper snowflakes every winter to hang in my front windows. My friends always laugh at me and wonder how old I'll have to get before I stop doing it lol!
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Great. Another completely ridiculous thing to do when I am supposed to be working! At least I have something to show for it......
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That is TOO cool!
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What a fabulous site !!!!!!!!

I have just made 4 flakes.

I will be doing this all winter now....ahhhh, who needs
a life anyway !!!

Thanks for putting that link up !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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What a neat site. I feel like such an novice when I look at my snowflake and what others did with theirs.
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Fun link. Thanks
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That was pretty neat!!

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hey this is fun!!! mine kinda looks like a stop sign lol
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here is another one of mine...this one is much better
# 471988
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I had sooo much fun with this!

Create your own snowflake!

(I made two. One for me and one for Sierra!)
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My first attepmt looked like a South Park snowflake. I did a litle better after that. I had to make myself quit.
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Thats really cool!
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Merged the two threads. And now that I'm home for the weekend, I think I need to try this again with a better mouse and more time.
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That's so neat! Thanks for sharing!
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this sure is addicting
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hey, that was fun!
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that is so nice and relaxing to look at your finished flake! thanks !!
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I keep making snowflakes. These are sooooo darned cool!
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