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I am swallowing my pride for my cat's sake!

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I have an emergency! I have posted this at other forums last night and still dont have any replies.I know from shooping around the people here have the most experience with cats. So here is my question...
I took my kitten (Lilly 6 months) to be fixed on November 3rd. I took her to a low cost clinic(who I am very proud to say fixed at least 100 cats + and at least 30 ferals in one day) Lilly went through surgery ok and seemed to be back to her old self agian quite quickly.
The area around her incision was swollen but not red or infected at all. I called 2 days after surgery to make sure the swelling was normal and was assured it is normal.
It has now been 2 weeks +. Lilly has a golf ball sized lump on her tummy where the incision was. I called the doctor agian last night. I explained it to her and the doctor said it sounded like Lilly has a hernia.
It is hardish and at least the size of a golf ball. Lilly seems ok, and doesnt seem to be very bothered by the lump.
I was so flustered on the phone because I kinda expected the lump to be normal. The doctor told me to make Lilly another appointment to be looked at on December 8th, when the clinic returns to my area. I did this immediately. However I forgot to ask any important questions like can Lilly die from this?!!!!
I tried to call back this morning, but my husband has the car with my purse and the number in it.
If this was life threatining wouldnt the doctor have said on the phone last night?
I am very scared! I would be utterly devastated if somethig happened to Lilly. I know alot of you are very experienced, can anyone offer information? If you dont want to help I understand..I only ask because I have been unable to find any information all morning!
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I had my foster spayed 2 weeks ago and she also has a hard lump under the outer sutures. I took her back to the vet and they told me that they has started using new dissolvable sutures for the internal stitches, and that they have had a couple of reactions to the new type of suture. They plan on quit using them. One case was serious enough that they had to reopen and redo it.

They told me to keep a very close eye on it and if it became a soft, fluid type lump to get her in immediately. As long as it was a hard lump (or didn't grow), not to be too concerned. They also said the lump could stay for up to 30 days. Billie's lump has started to decrease in size in the last 3 days.

Having said that, I have no clue whether this case and yours is the same thing. The advise that I received may not apply to you. If it is soft or growing, I suggest you don't wait until December to bring her back to the vet. Keep a very close eye on it and get her to your vet if needed. The one bad reaction (to a puppy) at my vet was an allergic reaction and they had to open, remove the sutures and restitch using another material. This might not be immediately life threatening, but nothing to take lightly either.

Keep us posted!
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Lilly, I never seen a cat with a hernia, so I wouldn't be able to say if that was exactly what your cat has. But, you just had her spayed and you say the lump is in the same area as the incision was I am thinking there may be some type of infection going on. I recently had Amber spayed, about a month and a half ago and my vet advised me to keep a watch on the incision. They said a little swelling is normal, but if she would get a lot of swelling or bump, to bring her back, because the incision could be infected. I would find another vet ASAP and not wait until Dec 8th. That is just to long to wait if it is an infection. I do not know if a hernia can pose any threat to your cats life, but I wouldn't wait until Dec 8th for that either. Please keep us posted!
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Lilly I wouldn't sit on this lump very long. Lumps can occur for a lot of different reasons, and a phone diagnosis on a lump this size is not adequate IMO to accept. Lumps result from trauma, abscesses, wound infection, bacterial invasion. To be safe, take your cat to a competent vet to see if perhaps the incision needs to be opened and explored.
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When I got Calipso she had a hernia and I got that removed together when she was spayed . A hernia is not life threatening to a cat , but how ever they don't feel confi. about it . Think about it that way , if you would have a hernia you would not feel fine and may be hurt . So it is the same with a cat .Remember that cats cant tell you if they are in pain . But then you just think it may be a hernia and that what kind of scares me little bit . It could be a infection like every body already said in here . A infection can spread and can be vey dangerous and a cat can die from that if not treated . So I agree with every body else in here that you really need to see a Dr with your cat . If it is just a hernia you always can go back to your normal apointment you have for her . Good luck .
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Hernia's are fairly common after surgery. Even for humans. Your vet is right that you need to get her in so they know exactly what it is and can treat it.
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Interesting -

Tiki's bandage just started to fall off today and I noticed she also has a hard lump where they performed her spaying 8 days ago. It's not big (about the size of the tip of your pinky) but it's there.

I am hoping the vet is open Saturday so I can give them a call.
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