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Friday Daily Thread

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Good morning!

I am really sleep deprived, so apologize in advance if this comes out a little garbled. I can usually blame that on Simba, but this time it would just be me.

I could not sleep last night, and still haven't been able to get back to sleep. So I just feel yucky - bad headache, shaky, etc - and I know I just need to sleep. Hopefully I'll be able to in a bit. I don't get insomnia very often, but when I do it can get really bad. So I called in to work, and I'm going to try to get a few hours of sleep today.

I do have to say - insomnia is much better with a cat! Simba curled up with me and purred all night while I was trying to get back to sleep. Much better than when I would just lie there bored.

Hope everyone has a nice Friday!!
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I know the insomnia feeling! Good luck with the sleep.

Well so far I have survived my 1st week as a supervisor. Fortunately the woman who doesn't want me as her supervisor was on holidays this week, so I could adjust without her being here. We will see how difficult life gets when she gets back.

Going to visit my new niece and her big sister tomorrow. Morgan is now 8 days old! Can't wait to see the chages that happened in 1 week. I hate living so far away from them. With them being in a rural area it will be difficult to visist them in the snowy months.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good morning all! Dang it is so freezing here!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

My bike is now all fixed and so I can get back on it! I dont have much to report - yesterday I went to bodypump class and they decided they wanted to try spinning which is new in my gym. I thought I died! I don't think I can handle it!! Maybe when I get into a lot better shape!
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I was sound asleep, actually went to sleep early for a change. Then Sam decided that he wanted me to get up. Which is new for him, he usually just hops up on the bed and snuggles. But he definitely wanted me up, and once I was awake, there didn't seem any reason to stay in bed. He kept meowing, and coming back into the bedroom to see if I was up yet. I have no idea what he wanted, though. He just wanted company, I think, because Bailey was sleeping in a different spot than usual, in another room.

Stupid cat.
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Sammie - that reminds me of Peedoodle last night - he kept playing with our feet and he had brought a toy to bed with him and played with it on us. So I threw it out of the room, thinking that would get rid of him - but in my tiredness, I forgot that is one of his favourite games - fetch!
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Insomnia.....what a bummer (unless you got kitties to comfort you).

Well I started work at 6:30AM this morning and will be working thru a major software installation all weekend until about 10PM Sunday night. I'm the (un?)fortunate one that will be the first one called when something goes wrong and have to monitor what happens all weekend. But I get to wake up the team of directors in case of a disaster (lucky me). I'm getting sleep when I can cause potentially I could be up for 3 days straight. This is a 2 year project that is finally completing this weekend.

So I guess you will see me when time permits and probably at all kind of weird hours for the next 3 days.....

The good thing is that I can monitor from home and can play with my kids during the lull periods.
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Arrgghh! Still no sleep.

I'm giving up, going to get cleaned up and dressed. Maybe I will be able to nap later this morning.

Amy, I hope your installation goes well!!! Sending 'no-bug' vibes your way!

Kellye, I am so impressed by your dedication to the gym. I can barely drag my lazy self out for an hour walk once a week.
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OK, so Sam just made up for waking me in the middle of the night. He is in bed (the cat bed, that is) with Bailey, for the VERY FIRST TIME! I knew that this would happen eventually, and I am so happy! I want them to be buddies, and although they play together, I wanted them to be company for each other during all of the hours of the day when they are sleeping or just resting.

I posted a photo in the pictures section.

And Kellye, maybe Peedoodle and Sam really were separated at birth!
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Today im bringing Alley to the kids school so they're
classmates can see the new addition to our family
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Sorry about the insomnia. I've been there. Seems like the more you worry about it, the harder it is to get to sleep. Usually a long hot bath and then getting in bed with a good book helps me relax and fall asleep. I'm sure you'll sleep better soon.

We had our first hard freeze in middle TN last night. Usualy the cats don't get into the bed but they were both there this morning when I woke fact, I'm up and they are STILL in bed.
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I can totally empathize with your insomnia. I've had many sleepless nights since I lost my job in early September. In fact, most nights have been no more then 4 hours of sleep. Thank God the last two nights I've finally slept all night. I decided that I need to get some kind of excersise in the fresh air every day. I can't do much because of the arthritis in my back but even if I only walk a block and back I'll be happy! Hang in there! If it is a regular problem for you, ask your doctor about ambien. It's wonderful. Get's you to sleep fast and you wake up feeling great. No grogginess or hangover feeling.
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Hope you can get some sleep today!

This has been an exciting last 16 hours! My friend called me last night, and she told me some great news. Her and her husband are expecting a baby in June/July!!!! They have been trying!! I am so EXCITED!!! They are really close friends of ours!! Everything has been going smoothly with EVERYTHING! My husband and I had a very good talk last night since we haven't been spending very much time together...and the things that were he totally supports me in any decision I make with school (since it has been VERY stressful lately). We really want to have kids, but I know we have other obligations to take care of before bringing in a couple of babies! I just feel like a thousand pounds have been lifted off of my shoulders! YIPPIE! And, it's payday!! I have a test tonight only if I can finish the chapter, if not I can take it sometime this weekend, but with our weekends lately...maybe not. Anyway, enough of my rambling! Just holding on tight to hear some news about Anne and the little one!!

Have a GREAT day everyone!
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I have just pinched a nerve while biking - what do you do for pinched nerves in the neck?
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Originally posted by Kiwideus

I have just pinched a nerve while biking - what do you do for pinched nerves in the neck?

(Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm not sure for pinched nerves. I hope somebody can help you out with some serious advice.)
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A pinched nerve? Ouch hope you get some relief soon.

I know what you are going through with insomnia Suzy...I get it quite often and it really takes a toll on you. Hope you can get a nap in!

I didn't sleep very well either because all three cats sleep with us. Well, I hate to move in the middle of the night and wake them up, so needless to say...I didn't get much sleep. Then I was attacked with a flying fur mouse on the bed!

Going to get cat food and people food today!

Have a great day everybody!!!
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Hello all! I'm having a much better day today and tomorrow is Saturday. I am definately going to sleep in (if Max lets me) tomorrow.

Ady, I can't imagine someone not wanting you for a supervisor. Also, hopefully your sister and her baby will be coming to visit you and your baby soon.

Have a good day eveyone!
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Suzy - Tequila sounds like a good idea! I may just have to visit my friend for medicinal purposes as I have no alcohol in the house LOL
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Found this on the web, hope it helps:
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Also, if it doesn't get any better or should get worse...go to the doctor next week, you may have done something else than a pinched nerve! Get well!!
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All three of us sick, at least hubby got to take antibiotics. Hardly slept due to son waking up every 11 minutes due to stuffy nose and congestion. I feel so bad for him. Yesterday, waited 2 hours for doc to say it's 'viral' No s*** Sherlock! Today took son in backyard to sleep which he finally did, his nose is draining which is good, fresh air is great for us. Inside is too stuffy and sickly smell. Hubby is sleeping finally...

About to eat some chef boyardee that a co-worker dropped off. Yesterday, came back from docs to a porch full of groceries, very sweet of him

Send us some prayers that our son heals quickly, he's not himself and I miss that immensely.
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Originally posted by caprice
Found this on the web, hope it helps:
Thanks Candie - I hurt it when I was stretching out for my drink while biking. LOL I took some advil and the pain has gone down a little bit but I am sure it will get better later. I do have some bextra for an old inflammatory of my neck so if worst comes to worst, I will take it.

I hope your son gets better soon Kimberly!
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I just found out that the engine for my car arrived at the dealer today. The customer service guy said my car should be done sometime next week. Thank God! It's about time after 4 months, isn't it?

I'm getting nervous about my surgery on next Tuesday. I know it's just an outpatient thing and has been done many times but I'm still nervous. Seems that I think about everything much more as I get older.

Also just found out I have to start making my own cobra payments for my health insurance starting December 1st. Ouch! It's over half of what my unemployment checks will be. I don't know what I am going to do. I take a couple thousand dollars a month just in prescriptions and can't do without them. I'm so worried.

I need to try to squeeze in a bath for Jake today. I got some grooming tips from a cattery on bathing Reds, who tend to be a little greasy. So I'm anxious to try them out.

Started doing outside Christmas decorations this week. Am trying to finish that up before Tuesday.
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I had a pretty good day today, went shopping and took my older daughter for a haircut. She got it cut really short! Really short!
It'll grow though, in about 2 weeks it will be just about the right length. We also went out to lunch. Its not often that we can find the time to do much of anything just us two, so it was fun.
Going to my younger daughters last football game of the season in a few minutes, she is in band and they perform their show for the last time tonight. It will be sad to see it for the last time, it was such a great show! It will be fun tonight, I'm gonna take lots of pictures and video.
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Yay, I just woke up from a nap! I think just long enough, so I hopefully won't be up all night again now!

My MIL is here to visit for the weekend, and is staying in the computer room, so I might not be in much this weekend. So I hope everyone has a good one!!
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Going to take my first shift sleeping now. Gotta get up at least 2 hours all night long to check on progress with our installation this weekend. Yech - this goes on until Sunday night!
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I wish zero would purr me to sleep. He always comes to sleep with me AFTER I go to sleep... (I wake up and see him).
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