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I don't stuff the turkey with stuffing, however I cook the stuffing separtely in a separate pan. The only thing I do to the turkey is spray it with Pam butter flaver and cook it in a oven bag to keep the juices in.

I also usually have green peas or green beans, cranberry sauce, non-alcoholic eggnog, and a choice of hot Dutch apple pie or ice cream (Breyers). Rich foods but worth it at least once a year.
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I wish we had Thanks Giving over here. It sounds like fun!

For christmas dinner we have Stuffed Turkey and Nana and I stuff it in the morning so it's fresh and it's oh so yummy!
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I like the stuffing but not in the bird, I always make
it on the side with everything else.
The last 2 years I've made the turkey in Reynolds
Oven bags and it only takes around 2 hours for
the Turkey to get done, always so juicy it's
almost falling off the bone, ummmmmm lol
I can't wait.
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I have always been able to squeeze out of cooking the turkey, so I am not quite sure if I could even prepare one if I had to...LOL! I do know that my mom always made stuffing, as she was a big fan of it. I on the other hand, never ate it, cause I didn't care for it. To this day, I am a much bigger fan of the white meat of the turkey, with some cranberry sauce and a smitch of salt
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