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Pooping in bathtub and bathroom counter! help!!

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Well for the most part, Zero has been good about using his litter box. We never had a problem even when we first got him, except for a short stint of him trying to use the tub...

Well, as of late he has been very often not using his litter box (which is in the second bathroom). Instead, he has been using the tub and even at least once used the coutner!!

Well, I think I heard that he could possibly have an upset stomach or some type of parasite? He's purely an indoors kitty and alone, except for every once in a while we take him out on a leash for maybe 30 mins, if that. And also, we just feed him purina kitten chow and that's it, no wet food.

And is there any way to punish him if we do not see him do it? We haven't caught him yet.

Please, any advice you have to help!
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I would definitely take him to the vet to get him checked out - inappropriate litterbox behavior is often a sign of something wrong. Maybe one of the experts here on the forum will have an idea of what it might be.
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First, please don't punish your cat for this! One of the main reasons (besides behavioural) that cats do not use their litterbox is because of a health issue (ie: urinary tract infection (UTI).

Cat's will often seek out alternative locations to go to the washroom when they are having pain (crystals,UTI). Cats are very clean animals and diligent about using the litterbox. When they do not follow their routine and start using alternative locations, it is a sign that something is wrong.

Please make a vet appointment as soon as you can.
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While I was looking through this forum, I found this thread on inappropriate pooping problems. It has a lot of good information.
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Please read the thread Suzy gave you the link for.

Also, please take your cat to the vet. When we see pooping on cold surfaces, it is almost always due to illness -- often pain when pooping. For some reason, pottying on the cool surfaces makes a painful poop more bearable.

Please let us know what the vet tells you.
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Mine pooped in the bathroom sink and on top of the toilet seat. After taking her to the vet, I put a 1/2 inch of water in the sink and a very very thin layer of canned food on a paperplate on tope of the toilet seat. I've never had a problem since. Cats won't poop in water and won't poop on their own food. Good luck
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I wouldn't be that mad if Zero pooped on the toilet seat... he'd be that close to actually pooping in the toilet!

But he was doing ok for a while now he's pooping a little in the tub again. I think we're going to have to do the water thing again. We're now looking into getting him into the vet asap. We need to find a local vet because we've been driving kinda far to where we got him to take him in whenever needed.
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I second the advice to take Zero to the vet. Pooping or peeing on cold smooth surfaces tend to indicate a medical problem, (usually pain). And he is doing this because it's more comfortable to poop in these new places because he now associates the litter with pain. You may find that it might be necessary to move the litter to a new location for a while and gradually move it back to the original location while he recovers. Please do take Zero to the vet.
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My cat started pooping in the bathtub and I couldn't understand why he started all of a sudden. I then realized that I changed the brand of litter I was using.

I hope that this might help !

Debbie, Gizmo, Charlie and Lucky
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Well his app't is set up for Friday. I'm taking him in for a regular check up and his last kitten shots. He's six months now.

Also he's been pooping out of his box (on cold surfaces so that means there may be something wrong with him). They say that they should do a poopanalysis (I mean fecal-analysis ) and/or a urinalysis. The thing is that just the fecal is over $30! I can pay, but I'd rather not pay for it if it ends up not needed. I am a bit in debt (short-term).

Since he's a boy, should I maybe go for the urinalysis first? Also, I see his poop quite often now when I clean it up, and the consistency has been about the same, and solid (slightly soft, but seems normal). Not to be gross, but I could take a detailed picture and post it here (linked of course). There also seems to be a slight slight amount of liquid that is usually out with his poop. Is that a problem? Any ideas about that?

So what would you guys/gals do about that part? Which test first? Both tests and just eat the cost?

BTW, the visit itself is only like $26 which isn't bad. But I'm not sure how much the shot is. If it's overpriced, I'll cancel that part and make the extra drive down to the SPCA to get that part done. I would just go to them normally, but the vet there does not speak english very well. It's really bad, because I am VERY GOOD at understanding people with very heavy accents. I do it all day at work too.

Also, what other questions should I ask about his general health?

I want to ask how much more do they think he will grow, if they think I should supplement his food with anything, how his teeth are doing, if he is a good healthy weight, and whatever else I think up before then and whatever else you guys think would be good to ask!

I want to have a lot of good questions because I want to make as much as I can out of the visit and I want to know the most I can about Zero and his health...

Please reply with any thoughts!!
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I changed a while back, but there has been a LONG time difference since I changed litter and he started this problem.

BTW, I have an appt Friday. Will update!
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It isn't necessary to provide a picture of his stool. He is a young kitten and if this is his first vet visit, it is highly likely he has parasites. The fecal exam will tell you that. Most vets are really good about working payments. Some will just take post-dated checks and tuck them away. Just talk to them openly and honestly before your appointment so there aren't any surprises.

Pooping on cold hard surfaces is, as previously mentioned indicative of a health issue for him, usually this is always the case. At least the clean-up is easy, and he is not messing on your carpet.

Good luck with him- he is a cutie!
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If you totally trust your vet, describe what is happening and have him guide you on which tests to run. Pooping out of the box isn't normal, so there is something to be done there - you can't judge just a behavioral issue until you rule out physical problems.

Sorry not much more help here - I usually trust my vet's judgement on these things.
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Louse I merged your two threads as they were related to each other. Let us know what the vet says after Friday.
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Originally posted by hissy
At least the clean-up is easy, and he is not messing on your carpet.

Good luck with him- he is a cutie!

And thank you again!!
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Write the questions down in a list. It can relieve you of trying to remember what to ask while you are keeping him company at the vet's.

It seems like the vet knows what they're doing. Provided that you trust the vet, let them guide you to what tests should be performed.
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