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Is there such a thing as minature cats like there are dogs?
me and my hubby were talking about this the other night and
wondered if they exist or not
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There was a question raised about this in the genetics forum. The answer is generally no.
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Well, although they are not Miniature breeds, Munchkins can be small (not only because of thier short legs.

There is a munchkins called mei-toy's, that are munchkins that are between 4 -6 pounds... standards cal for munchkins to be between 6 -8 pounds.

that's about as small as you can get..
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awwww i have never seen munchkins before i bet they're cute
where can you find them?
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You could start here....

My wife and I breed them.

Sandkats Munchkins
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Thanks so much Ken for the site i bookmarked it
those kittens are adorable!!
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