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computer stuff

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Does anyone know 'more than average' about computers ?? I want my computer to remember me when I visit sites which require user name & password, such as this one, without writing them again everytime. It was like that before but we formatted the computer and now it's not like that. I checked the cookies from the internet options, but still It doesn't remember me I need to rewrite them even when I refresh the page. I wonder if it is something wrong with the browser or the computer
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Have you gone to the link button titled "User CP" here at the forums? Click it, then go to Edit Options and make sure that "Automatically Login" and "browse Board with Cookies" are both checked.

If that isn't the problem, then I am sorry but I can't help
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What browser are you using? Maybe Internet Explorer or Netscape itself is configured with the cookies disabled. I'm sorry I can't tell you how to check that exactly, because I use a Mac computer, and it's probably a little different for PC. Is there someplace you can find "Preferences" or "Settings" in the toolbar? You should be able to see there if your browser has the cookies enabled.
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If you are using Internet Explorer then do this.

Look on the toolbar at the top of the page then select these items in the order typed here......
Tools, Internet Options, Content, Personal Information, Auto Complete.

See if the box that says "User Names and Passwords" is checked. Maybe that will help. Sure hope so as that is a pain to have to retype things.
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so I found this neat little helper. Go to http://www.gator.com[/url] it remembers multiple passwords,credit card info,etc....all available at the touch of a button.
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Nope. All the suggestions here are already enabled; the cookies, auto login etc. I use Internet Explorer & I downloaded it again, hoping that the freshly downloaded one would solve the problem. But no change I asked this to my friends & my husband (he is an electrical engineer) but no one seems to know a solution. I'll try that that gator.com site.

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Well, don't think we're trying to run you off.

We're usually not that subtle. <--- joke, for the more sensitive of you out there.
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Hi, I use Gator also, it's a good program...one of the few that actually work on this stooopid pc!

Good luck,

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I don't know what I did, cause I tried lots of things that I had no idea what they actually were but I did it ! All the web sites started remembering me again. Yaay, yaay

I was trying to find a solution for this problem for a such a looong time, & I solved it by myself (although by luck), so I am very happy now

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