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I usually haunt a wedding chat room(the Knot) since I am a recent bride. When my cat Oscar had surgery he had complications afterwards and a friend on there told me about this site. I have been on here ever since. Love it
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i was told by one of the other posters here, that was on another board that i was on, and i am so glad she took the time to tell me about this place, it has been very up lifing for me
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I had just got my Fluffy baby and wanted to talk to other people owned by cats. I did a Google search and volia!
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I was doing some searching on the term "cats" at alexa.com. I was looking at web site info for another cat site and saw some related links below the screenshot that included TCS.
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I was looking for a place/board forums where people talked about cats and cats only and here I am...that was about 4 months ago back in March...wow! I have been here that long!
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I adopted Sam, and was not sure what to do with him, having been exclusively a dog owner previously. He was quite sick, had quit eating, and I wanted some advice. So I googled on "feline health care", and this site showed up. Along with a bunch of others that were not nearly as informative.
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I bought April's Cat Fancy and there was an article called "Log On, Cat Lovers" that told about Meowhoo.com and from that website I found TCS. I enjoy both sites now.
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I was trying to find a no-kill shelter and the nearest one I could find that was not turning away animals was about 4 hours away, so I decided to try and find help from cat lovers on what to do with my cat, but in the end I fell so in love with him I couldn't give him up for the world anyhow
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Ohh.. someone stopped by the other site. that person and a few of us had a brief agruement about cats' needs. Then we were lurking over your site. We fell in love with your site. Thanks to that person. She turns out a nice gal.

sorry about that. but thanks to her for making me to come here.

I prefer names stayed a mystery.
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I found this site using Google - I was researching "cat enclosures" -- pretty cool, huh?
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A friend of mine, who know's I love cats, sent me a greeting card from this site, and I decided to come over and check it out.
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