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I have never used Yahoo to search anything....I found you through my google search!

And I'm still laughing at what Hissy wrote (on why she stuck around):

"When no one stuffed me on a spit and threatened to barbeque me, I knew this was a nice friendly place"

That's why I come back here too. Hate those barbeque people!!!

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I found it while searchng "cat health" on MSN search. Actually I found it a year ago, but didn't actually join til later in the year. Originally I had a fear of message boards, but after I saw that no one was stuffing anyone on a spit and barbequeing them, I decided to join. Boy am I glad I did.
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Though KC Barbecue Sauce is the best! LOL
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I found it thru google when I needed some advice on Peedoodle. Got stuck here ever since and now no one can get rid of me.
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I found the site when Sugarly started having major behavioural problems thru a google.ca seach. I am now addicted and you can't get rid of me!
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At this point I don't remember exactly how, but I was doing a lot of searches for cat forums at the time I joined.
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I'm pretty sure I found this wonderful place while I was just surfing for funny cat stuff. The Bad Pets List (what kitties, puppies and other animals would have to write on a chalkboard when they get in trouble - very funny stuff!) had a link to The Cat Site. At that point I was just clicking on about every cat related link since I was very bored at my new job. I lurked here for quite a while and finally joined. This was my first experience with forums and it has spoiled me for life. Now look at me - a Mod and everything!!

Can you believe that January 2001 Anne was thrilled about there being 230 members, and now in January 2003 there are 3500?!?!
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I searched on google.ca for Cat Health and found this site. I used to post under the names Vader and Tasha153!
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I was surfing a bunch of cat sites and there was a link here. Now I think i may be addicted! lol
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I'm pretty sure that I found this site on Google. It was right around the time I adopted my 2 kitties from the Humane Society and I needed some questions answered and some advice. All I can say is that I'm glad I joined!
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Heidi - I remember the bad kitty list!! Is that still around? I used to laugh my tail off reading that thing!
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Is this it?

Bad Kitty List

If it is, it found a new home!

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We both submitted at the same time!

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no, we didn't!
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Sorry, it must have been those drugs I was taking!

(*Note to self: do not renew prescription - seeing double)

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Ask Jeeves,I went there to see if I could find Siamese Breeders,there you were,Now I can;t seem to stay away!!!The minute I get up on mornings I do not have to work here I am,and when I have to work,I can not wait to get home and as soon as I do on it goes!
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Ahh but Kass, I have my trusty dusty mod eraser ever handy!
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I, for one, would NOT want to see this place listed on Yahoo. They have a few of those disgusting cat haters forums, and I would hate to see our site come up on a search that included those awful places. To me it may encourage troll traffic.
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I'm not sure how long it's been since I was here last (been working on my own website) but I can see this site has grown tremendously. Congratulations on a successful site Anne.


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Listed on a Petmar Persians links page!
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I googled for "cat site forum" and was given TCS's link
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I found out about the site from Bundylee
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I searched for cat related sites on yahoo and came up with the catsite A true blessing because you all have been a true help when I was feeling really down.
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Hehe... before we got Nik, and we were waiting for him to be old enough to come live with us, I was a bit, um, obsessed by all things cat related. And this just happened to be a link from the page of the breeder we got Nik from.

And then when we brought him home and he cried that whole first night, I came straight back here and read the behaviours thread pretty much right through to see if that was normal... and then, I guess I haven't really gone away.
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i found it on a search engine awhile ago. I enjoy the all persian boards and chat and started looking for another board to read. You wouldnt believe how many awful ones are out there. This is the best one next to my persian board that I frequant that I could find.
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I don't remember exactly, other than through one of the Web search engines. It was right after we got our second cat and our first was having great difficulty being "sociable".

Hard to believe I've been lingering around here for a year and a half.
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.. for obvious reasons

How did YOU find this site?

I found it my typing Cat Sites on Google and G*d am I glad I found it

to Anne!
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About a month ago one of my cats went missing. So after lengthy google searches and many links later, here I am.

Great Site!!!
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Typed in "cat forums" in google and here I am
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I found this site when I was visiting a Persian site. Not sure which one it was anymore. But I"m glad I found it!
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