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Girl Girl

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Girl Girl,

I knew you only for a month. You belonged to the cat lady downstairs. I would sit down and talk to her while she fed you and zai zai and a few others. We would often talk about how you and zai zai were buddies within just a few days of knowing each other, how zai zai would chase and whack the other cat that bullied you, how you caught a bird to give to the cat lady and you refused to let the bird go despite all our pleas. You just wanted to let the cat lady have that present. It's your way of saying thank you to her.

I remember the days as I sat down with the cat lady talking away and how you would come and give me headbumps, stroking yourself on me and as I give you scritches, you would sit down and purr happily as you listen to my conversation with the cat lady. You were playful too.. do you remember the day you were playing with the handles of my bag, biting them and simply refused to let go because you were having so much fun with it? I reached back to the office to find the handle of the bag, dripping wet with all your saliva. I remembered that. the cat lady has always commented that you were the best of the lot. You were never picky with the food you ate, despite the fact that zai zai had wet the dry food with his saliva, you would still take it. As long as there is food given by the cat lady, you would take it. oh, girl girl, i'm starting to miss you.I'm starting to cry in my office even though I should not. I have told myself to be strong.

Girl girl, I will always remember the times we had, no doubt it was short. Girl girl, I hope those people that took you away to be put down didn't hurt you much and that you didn't have to suffer much. You were so sweet but yet they took you away so mercilessly. I'm sorry that I was not there to protect you. Zai zai misses you terribly.He has been looking for you at the places where you frequent and the other day I saw him lying in the place where you would sleep so often. He told me every single time he saw me, how much he misses you, hoping that I would bring you back to him. Oh your good buddy.

R.I.P girl girl. You will be terribly missed by zai zai, the cat lady and me.
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I am so sorry that GirlGirl has passed away , may she RIP
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Oh no Kate! I am so sorry. Mega hugs your way. At least she knew love from you. You are an angel for caring
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Kateang.... I am very sorry about Girl Girl... She is at the Rainbow Bridge playing with her comerades I am sure. RIP Girl Girl
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Oh I'm so sorry to hear that Kate! I will be here to talk if you need....May she rest in peace, and know that her "mommy" misses her!
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What bad news, RIP poor kitty.
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Poor little sweety. RIP little .
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How terrible - RIP girl, girl
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Im sorry
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Kate, I am so sorry about Girl Girl! She is in a good place now and feels good and is happy.
She was happy to get to know you, even for such a short time!

Kate, sorry for not replying sooner, I never could open the link at the time I got your email, so now I finally read the post...
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