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Thank you, Princess of the Air, for your compliment! I came over here to this forum to see what folks had to say about the 40th anniversary of John Kennedy's death; and, alas, there right in front of me was a Britney Jean Spears thread. "I'll bet it's filled to overflowing with humane judgments and uplifting assertions regarding a fellow human being," I thought to myself. So I quietly entered.

Imagine, if you will, my shock at finding the occasional discouraging word! Mortified by this unexpected development, I nevertheless went forward with my own take on Britney; but today I realized there were a few factors, regarding her, which I'd failed to mention.

For example, as has already been pointed out by others, it's safe to assume Britney is locked into her present course of performance by all manner of ironclad contractual agreements. Literally hundreds of people are making a mint's worth of money thanks to Britney's extremely-successful career, hence any deviation from the status quo ante would be met with the most severe opposition by those selfsame hangers-on and their attorneys.

Even if Britney awoke one morning and proclaimed she was quitting the business, contracts be damned, oily men in baggy suits would immediately remind her such a move might prove detrimental to her health as well as to the health of her loved ones. Big money brings with it equally-big consequences.

So my suggestion is this: If you don't like what Britney's doing, bear in mind she may not be thrilled about it either; but she's in what amounts to a luxurious indentured servitude, a bird in a gilded cage, until such time as her act has run its course. And that ending remains some years distant.

Of course, it's entirely possible Britney loves what she's doing to the extent that thoughts of embarking upon some other career path seldom rise to the level of serious consideration. Bear in mind she's the single most influential celebrity in the world today, ranking ahead of such people as Tiger Woods and Michael Jackson.

A person in Britney's position is seldom unintelligent, despite the popular view to the contrary. What's not visible from the stage is the fire burning in her heart, which compells her to work hard and excell. And so it is with all who rank at the top of their professions, be they motor-racing drivers or scientists--or saints.

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Britney is not a good role-model,but a few songs are okay. However,Christina is a much better singer.
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I have one CD of Christina and my daughter has one of Brittneys
I think that Christina has a beautiful voice.Brittney on the
other hand sounds terrible! she can hold a tune to save her own life
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Christina's voice just gets better and better with time. She has amazing range and can hold notes forever. I've noticed her toning down her image lately, and relying a little more on her sound to maintain popularity, and kudos to her for that. Britney on the other hand gets sleazier by the day- and not sounding any better. Just my opinion, of course
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I'm 25 and the generation coming up behind me (raised on this sort of fabricated pop icon) appalls me. I think it's quite traditional for every generation to say this of those younger than them.

But SERIOUSLY! Look what happens people let television raise their children. Preteens in thongs, children dying their hair and wearing makeup at the age of 8 or younger! I wont even dress the way some girls in elementary/high school will (ie: sluts).

Brittany and her sort are all of a breed of "musicians" I find to be very bizarre. That is self-generating media marketing machines. Every move of Brittany's career has been contrived and planned to a ridiculous degree. From "I'll be a virgin forever, hehe," to "I'm dating Justin Timberlake!" (oh that's not extremely convenient and planned), to "O, looks like I lost my virginity after all!" It's all fake and designed to keep the media interested in her over an extended period of time. Of course she's starting to loose material.

What she's trying to do is emulate the career of Madonna, and I don't mean style-wise. I mean marketing wise. Well Brittany has reached the "act like an extreme slut" stage of the plan. There isn't much left after that without talent. She can't even dance and sing at the same time.
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Oh and on the topic of Christina Aguilera (hehe my sisters name is Christine Aguiar) I have marginally more respect for her. The reason is that she never tried to be what she isn't. She's been a tramp from day one and made no apologies for that. Sure, it's trashy and unoriginal, but she's not marketing to children.
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