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I am of the mind that celebrities who have attained their status due to their popularity with younger people have an obligation to be role models for that group. I guess that's a pretty old fashioned view, and it's really easy to say, "if you don't like it, don't buy-watch-particpate". But the media in this country today makes avoiding exposure next to impossible. And young girls are oh so impressionable. Would it be the biggest crime in the world if Britney portrayed the image of a more wholesome successful singer? Perhaps this is just the educator in me, but I make sure that kids see a particular image when I am at work. I think Britney likes being the 'bad girl' of the pre-teen set.
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that is true Deb, no matter where you go, whether it be the internet, TV, or magazines, these girls are EVERYWHERE, and it's hard to avoid them unless you're living under a rock. I wish they would be better role models. But then again, there are always the Hillary Duffs of the world out there: fully clothed and apparantly sweet as pie.
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I love Brittany,Christina and Madonna!

Brittany Spears, came out with a hit "Hit me baby one more time" I can remember the first time I danced to that. It was like this whole new style of music had been created for just us! As I grew up so did she, I don't think there is anything wrong with her image, I think she's a good singer and dancer and should be really proud of herself. The way she dresses herself doesn't really concern me and I know I'm not going to race out and get a loin cloth anytime soon! Her music is not just for kids, I know alot of adults that enjoy brittany spears as well. IMO she's her own person and she wasn't put on this earth to be a role model for kids... I admire Brittany for following her dreams, and as a 13 year old, I find that special, and most of us can see past her image. And also like Colby said, Don't like it, Don't buy it. Nobody is forcing you.

As for Christina, I think she's beautiful and has the most beautiful voice. Her songs are so beautiful written and they are about life, Such as "Can't hold us down" is about woman and how men shouldn't be treating us bad. It has really amazing lyrics, and it's people like her that make me smile. Like wise I see past her image, I see her for the nice young lady she is.

Madonna is an absolute classic! I adore her music very much! Infact I picked up one of her tapes at a school gala two days ago.. It has been playing ever since. I would be extremely embarrassed if that was my mum, but she's not, and Madonna can do whatever she wants! Rock on!

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I hate, well wait, hate is a bad word, very much dislike Britney!! She is a fake and a mock to the world of music and TRUE musicians!! This goes the same for all those stupid boy bands, you know them, back street boys and so on. Now, I am not going to go on and on about this, because it is a cat site and not a music site. Britney is a fake. She does not play any instrument and does she sing...no. I bet it is a recording. Some of you may say a recording? She plays live, how could there be a recording? For those of you who remember Milly Vanilly from the 80's, just ask them. They did it and were cought. I love music and I am a fan of modern music as well as older stuff too. I have a music collection larger than most radio stations. I just saw a live concert with a real live band, The Fixx. Now, you all know what a band is right? People who play instruments and sing. All Britney does is try to dance and think she is singing. Oh, before I go to bed. This goes back to the recording part. How do I know Britney and those boy bands are fake? They all get up on stage and dance while they sing. Now, I am no performer on stage, but there is one thing I do and do very well and that is dance. My wife and I are big fans of the electronic,goth,industrial dance music scene. I am not going to explain the music, but a lot of it is "high energy" or should I say, very fast music. I can dance for hours without stopping. But, I would find it very difficult to sing and dance like that without so much as hearing me breathing while singing. I have heard fake Bit Bit and those boy bands sing and there is no way they are singing live. Oh, plus anyone who has to get on stage a come out looking like a tramp, or strip down to nothing but a bra, is no one I would want to see. REAL musicians and performers who are into the music do not have to do these things to get people to like them. shame on the recording industry for promoting such garbage as Britney. Ok, i had to get that out Remember, this was MHO! Good Night all
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It's interesting that you would bring that up, because when she was in town for said fateful concert, people were upset because Britney was too busy changing costumes (did 10 or 12 or them in an HOUR) and they had to play a RECORDING of her singing. so she was having her very own lip-synching fashion show that night and NOT giving a concert. Madison is really tough on people who don't give real concerts.

TOO many non-musicians in this world today; give me someone with a real talent! The fact that she's obnoxiously unoriginal just makes it all the more aggrevating.
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Raggie, Thank you! thank you! thank you! I am glad to see there are others out there that have their eyes open to these fake performers. Just what I want to see, someone who changes their clothes. Boy, that was sure worth the $100+ to see her. If she was a real performer, she wouldn't mind putting a little sweat into it. I am sure they didn't just play a recording of her while she was changing clothes either. I bet when she is on stage, it was a recording. Here is more proof that she is fake. Anyone who has her albums, should take out her very first one and listen to it. Now, take out the very last and listen to that one. There is something very interesting that you will find. Her voice has changed on these albums. You might say, well, of course it has, she is older now. But, it changed in the wrong way. When she first came out, "Hit me baby one more time" for example, how old was she...16? She sounded like a grown woman there. Now, she sounds like a little girl. It doesn't work that way folks! Look at Madonna, when she first came out in the 80's, she sounded like a kid, now she sounds like a woman. Well, because she is now. We have had studio bands, performers who make their music in the studio and never perform live and we have some today. But, these people play their instruments, write their own music and sing their own songs. They are real musicians. I bet Britney can not even read music let alone write her own. Britney is nothing more than "corporate music". Music made by the big wigs in the record industry that say, this is what you will listen too. They put these, what they believe to be, pretty boys and girls on the label, to get people to buy. I can not stand when I hear grown men say, Britney is so good, she is so hot or girls say, oh, Justin Timberlake, he is soooo cute. Looks have nothing to do with music. I feel bad for REAL musicians today, they can not get their stuff played, becuase of all this garbage. To make matters even worse, our local news even talks about Britney and little boy Justin I don't care about them, I want my local news, leave these fakes to the entertainment shows where they talk about movies and actors and so on. If you are sick of these pretty face stripper performers, I mean fakes, do not support commercial radio. If you have college radio stations in your area, listen to them. You can still here real musicians there. Boy, I get long winded on this. I am sorry
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I think they are both great entertainers. Some of you should cut back on judging others.
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Hmmm, I am not judging others, my friend, I speak only the truth Too many people judge others by their looks. If they are, "hot", "pretty" or "cute", they make it as a musician these days. If you don't have "the look", you can kiss your chances goodbye of being a performer. Looks shouldn't matter whether you are an actor or a musician, it should only be about talent.
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Ooops, I did it again, I forgot to mention that I love your laughing kitties
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I have to agree with Jason here, and John. Britney is an entertainer, and she is good at it. She isn't a musician. I don't think she's really claimed to be. (Does Christina write her own songs? I don't know for sure....)

This is tripe that the industry pumps out for the masses. For those of us who appreciate music and musicians, the choices are pretty slim unless you get into the small label stuff (like the Goth and Industrial).

One thing I have to say, though, is that looks are very much tied into music industry and have been for a very long time. Not to say that fat or ugly people can't make music, but they generally don't get signed or promoted unless they truly are different or better than anyone else. How many multi-platinum artists/bands can you name that are overweight? OK, there are a few but not many. Fact is, "pretty" bands get signed while the not as good looking bands with equal talent get passed over because it is easier to market the pretty boys and girls.
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I was amazed to turn on Much Music (Canadian MTV , basically) the other day and see Fefe Dobson on there in the top 10. She is very far from the typical stereotype of a female performer in this day and age (shes not model gorgeous, or blonde and she wears full outfits), and she is soooooo awesome!

She has REAL talent, and still manages to entertain her audience visually without any smut whatsoever.

It CAN be done, and its a shame that people like Britney Spears (or her representatives) can't see that.
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I have never been a fan of Britney Spears, because I think of her as a package, not as a musician. I love to hear a woman with a great voice, i.e. Anita Baker, Nora Jones, Aretha Franklin. Women who use their voice as their intrument (men too). I enjoy a song much more if the instruments are in the background and the voice is front and center.

I saw Cheryl Crow on the Music Awards last night and I thought she gave a great performance. I also think that girl Averil (I can't think of her last name or if I spelt her first name correctly)has an awesome voice.
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If Britney is just an enterainer, then why does she come out with music albums? Musicians make music almbums. If she wants to dance, she should just stick to making videos or try her hand at acting. Oh yes, she tried that and failed. The entertainment industry calls her an artist. She is not an artist. Well, I guess you can say dance is an art. My point is this, she is fake. Has anyone ever heard her sing live? I mean, lets see her on one of these TV interview shows. Lets have the host ask her to sing a song right on the spot. I bet my bottom dollar she couldn't. As for Christina, I don't like her either. Looks yes, have always played a role and that is wrong. I am sure some out here have heard of K.D Lang? If you haven't, you know why? Becuase she does not have that pretty girl face and yes, she likes other woman too. But, she is one of the best darn female singers out there. Her voice is beautiful! I have to admit, when I first saw her, I was like wow, that is her? Because when you hear her voice, your mind makes you see this beautiful woman that she isn't. That however, does not matter. She is a great musical artist! Looks are one thing, but to see Britney like a tramp dancing on stage in a bra makes me sick. I would much rather look at a goth performer all dressed in black, with black hair, than look at Britney. At least most goth performers wear clothes. Basically, I feel this way. The big CEO's in the music industry control what they want you to hear. we should have a much larger choice on what we hear. The radio stations are garbage, all controlled by big corporations who forget that radio was meant to serve the public, not their pockets!!! That is why, I do not support it. People should be made aware of the underground music labels, and I am not just talking goth and industrial here, so they can have a free choice of what they want to listen too. Since Britney is rammed down our throats with nothing else to comapre her to, of course people are going to think she is great. Do I blame her? No, not really. If I was made offers to dance like a fool on stage and take off my clothes and make big money, I am sure I would. My views of the world were not quite the same at 15 or 16. But, if the big corporation money bags didn't promote this stuff, Britney would have had to use talent to get where she is at now.
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Originally posted by jason
I think they are both great entertainers. Some of you should cut back on judging others.
Nicely said and in one sentence!
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You know whats really funny?

Some people are judging Britney and whoever else as if they knew them personally. And others are sticking up for them as if they know them personally.

They are just part of the entertainment industry. Big deal.

I'd rather focus on my own life.
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That has been the best thing said so far. LOL
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I don’t have a problem with Britney or any pop star that makes it big. Sure, they aren’t true musicians, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about the entire experience; the dancing, the outfits, the energy, the attitude. And who’s to blame? Not Britney, she’s just a hard working kid trying to be successful, same as anyone else. The record companies? It’s not their job to push their agenda on us as far as what qualifies as music. Their job is to make money. If all the consumers valued virtuoso instrumentalists and thought-provoking lyrics, that’s exactly what they would mass market. Besides, while I might think that such and such a band from an obscure indie label is the greatest thing since sliced bread, the masses may not care for it at all. That doesn’t mean I’m right or wrong, it’s just my preference.

The whole issue of mainstream, mass produced music vs. underground music seems silly to me. I play guitar, and what got me started was listening to guys like Dave Matthews and John Mayer. I think they’re extremely talented singer/songwriters. However, when I talk to other guitarists, they just rip these guys apart as talentless hacks. Many of them recommend some dude named Tommy Emmanuel, who’s supposed to be a really big deal. I finally got a chance to listen to him, and while his guitar skills were second to none, the music just sucked!

In the end, it doesn’t matter that Britney can’t play an instrument; maybe I’m wrong but I can’t remember seeing Celine Deon playing anything. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t have the greatest voice. Many people said that some of the early blues singers had bad voices (Son House, Mississippi John Hurt) but really they were quite distinctive. Britney puts out a product that many enjoy and that in itself legitimizes what she does. You could argue about the quality of her music, but somewhere someone feels the same way about your favorite artist, and both viewpoints are equally valid.

Or maybe I’m just being easy on her because she’s so purty...
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I don't even think she is pretty But Kiwi is right, I shouldn't care. My money doesn't go to Britney, I won't let big money hungry slobs get the best of me.
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Right now IDJMG is pushing fefe dobson HARD in the states (I know, becuase my company is involved in the project) I saw fefe perform in NYC about 2 months ago and she was amazing. One of the best live shows I've seen in ages.

They've done a good job with the song but they've still got a long way to go. It takes a long time to build up an artists image and brand them to the mass audience. If fefe dobson doesn't become a star, it's got nothing to do with the record company, they are throwing good money after bad on this, she is doing a ton of holiday shows for the radio stations and they are getting her out there. I can personally attest to the commitment the label has to this artist and they want to make her a household name. If she doesn't connect it will be because radio doesn't give her a fair shot to make it to the mainstream, and then the public doesn't support her by buying her album when it hits.

The downside of all this is if fefe doesn't break, it just enforces to the people who put up millions of dollars to create stars that the public wants the fluff that does end up selling.
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I've seen something on TV about Fefe, i'll be very interested to see how that young woman does
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I think that its so easy for everyone here to judge these 'entertainers', its so easy to type hateful words or say spiteful things.

But like AirPrincess said, none of us have experienced what they have. BS, CA, and others have grown up literally in the publics eye. Can you imagine not being able to run out to do an errand w/o the papparazzi chasing you? Or being able to do normal things like go to dinner, a movie, or on vacation, without being harrassed by the media?

I don't think ANYONE on this board can fairly judge these girls. They are entertainers, they choose to sing and dance for their living, and are doing a damn good job at it obviously if you look at their net worth! I don't love them, I've never bought their albums, but I'm not going to say they are trashy. They live in the USA, and can portray themselves any way they choose to. Thats their right as an American!
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Just had to add one more thing here. I saw that somebody mentioned that she isn't a musician. I think that there is a difference between a singer and a musician. There are A LOT of people who can sing, yet play no instruments nor write music. And there are a lot of musicians who cannot sing a tune to save their life.

I think she is a singer/dancer, not a musician.
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Originally posted by dtolle

I think she is a singer/dancer, not a musician.

I agree
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I just don't think that there are enough boundaries today in the "entertainment" business. Sex is just a normal thing to "sell" these days. It's not uncommon for girls in this day and age to have slept with 20 or more partners by the time they get married. Britney and Cristina definitely are leading our young girls down the wrong road. I don't have children, but I hope that when I do, there are some positive role models for them. It makes sex less taboo if you are looking at it all the time, then why not just do it? I also think that the bombardment of sex in the media makes "normal" women feel unattractive and not sexy for their partners. Have you ever watched football on Sundays? The commercials are all about men going out with their friends and trying to get lucky at bars with women. Makes me madder than hell.
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I think it is just a cycle.. It's not like this is the first time society has been very sexual, it's just human nature. I don't think that we can blame brit and chris from finding something that works and running with it, after all they are a product of our society and the only reason they are popular is because someone is paying to watch them and wants to see them. There was a time when that would have been condemned and boycotted, but not now. I don't think they are leading kids astray, I think that they are just 20something girls trying to earn a living. My kids wouldn't be allowed to watch them or listen to them, but most parents don't care--is that their fault? But now at least we are addressing the issue that sex needs to be a subject of conversation with 12 and 13 year old girls because when I was 12 I was able to have babies and I didn't even know how to do it! Education and parental screening is the answer, not a public beheading..
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I read somewhere that she is moving to the UK to
get away from all the hype
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well i don't dislike them nor do i like them either...i just refuse to watch them.an i agree they r not good role models for our children. britney is way to pretty to be acting an lookin so trashy..an christina who knows what shes thinkin
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Britney is not as pretty as SHE thinks she is
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Some of the "old school" people here might remember I used to drag Britney Spears along on our various make-believe trips. I received a certain amount of good-natured ribbing on that account!

I must say, however, that I personally consider Britney to be a top-notch entertainer. She's an excellent dancer, she can sing (assertions to the contrary notwithstanding), she delivers an impressive on-stage performance and takes outrageously-vituperative criticism in stride. She's been an entertainer nearly all her young life, so I don't expect her to become some sort of Renaissance Woman--quoting Shakespeare during interviews or digging up land mines in Cambodia--until, perhaps, such time as she semi-retires from her present full-time job of recording and touring.

It occurs to me that many entertainers have exhibited behavior which makes Britney seem like a cloistered nun. The entire drug-culture fad began to be pushed on the public by entertainers during the late 1960s; and it continues to this day. I've not received the impression Britney contributes to that culture.

Male entertainers from Elvis Presley to Jim Morrison and beyond have been accused of corrupting morals due to their appearance and/or actions, even though such concerns have become muted over time. And let's not forget the hip-hop/rap fixation with encouraging young males to murder police officers, rape women and embrace racism. No, Britney doesn't strike me as being a threat to anybody's childhood!

Were this an American football match and I an official, I'd call a penalty for "unnecessary roughness" on Britney's critics. She has talent, she works hard and she's at the top of the entertainment pyramid; and through her entertainment she helps a lot of people feel happy, if only for a moment. That's more than I can say for myself.

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Originally posted by Mr. Cat

Were this an American football match and I an official, I'd call a penalty for "unnecessary roughness" on Britney's critics.

glad to see you posting Mr.Cat! Love to hear your thoughts!
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